How Can Real-Time Data Change Your Marketing Strategy?

How Can Real-Time Data Change Your Marketing Strategy?

The marketing world is growing at a rapid rate, and that’s why quick decisions matter a lot. The digital marketing company Liverpool suggests that instant updates about current trends can help gain enormous success in your marketing campaigns.

Remember that tweet from Oreo during Super Bowl blackout? They tweeted with their sandwich cookie: ?you can still dunk in the dark,? and surprisingly it got an unexpectedly high response. The brand name got a successful marketing campaign with just a tweet. That’s the benefit of real-time data.

You can check the real-time trends with Google and also analyse which of your keywords are trending more on a particular time.

Currently, the world is busy in the World Cup, make sure your marketing campaign has something to do with the World Cup. You will find ?Zomato? doing this since the start of the World Cup with their promo code ?Cricket? that offers 100% cash back. ?Swiggy? is doing it the best with their offers on every six.

Social Media Feeds The Best Inspiration


Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn serve as the best inspiration to grab current trends. Though Google trends have it all, you can catch some great insights from social media platforms even before they become a real trend. Everything first goes viral on social media feeds and then people switch to Google for more information. Keep your social feeds updated and keep an eye on what your customers are up to.

Real-time Feedback

Real-time Feedback


With the live chatbots, you can have real-time feedback. Though 24?7 services helped a lot to the old marketers, now the strategy has got a lot of objections from customers. When the problems are posted live, you can have them within seconds and still making your customers wait for 24 hours is never done.

The live chatbots help in resolving problems instantly.

Take Advantage Of Events

Products launched as special editions on festivals have always got immense popularity. The Valentine special gifts and Christmas return gift launched in the special edition go viral in no time. So, if you are trying to launch a new product, make sure you take advantage of the upcoming events.

Data Collection Over The Phone

What queries your customers have on calls and what ?keywords? they use while asking for your services can help increase your sales instantly. Search engine optimization Liverpool is done a lot depending on the data collected from recorded phone calls. You have feedback, you have queries, and you have keywords. The managers analyse which strategy worked best and what convinced the customers better.

Real-time Marketing Done Right By Chance

Sometimes, the companies get mistaken and which can lead to a significant loss, but real-time updates can give them a chance to correct their mistakes on time.

Have they heard about ASOS? They misspelt the word ?online? on 17000 bags. What the marketers did is, they honestly accepted their typo and called it a limited edition. The strategy worked. Not only it enhanced their credibility, but they also had free publicity with their words overflowing Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Why Choose Breeze Development?

Why Choose Breeze Development?

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