What is Hootsuite:

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard/ management system, in which you can track and work with multiple social media platforms all at the same time. It allows you to monitor when people are talking about you, helps you respond immediately. You can also schedule tweets / posts across all the social media platforms to be set at any time you wish, without having to login to each social media account that you are working on.



  • The foremost advantage to using this product is that it allows you to connect to your social media networks at the same time. Hootsuite connects not only with the main social media channels such as Facebook and Twitterbut also sites, such as Mixi.
  • Hootsuite?s all-in-one interface is organized in tabs, this allows users to divide any engagement activity into social networks and streams, this makes it easier, faster and makes you seems more efficient ays can respond faster.
  • The streams allow you to segregate content for each social network. If we look at Twitter for example, a user can create 3 streams, one for the home feed, the second for posts, and then another for direct messages.
  • Out-of-the-way posting interface is now easier than ever to use and stays out of the way until needed (until you hoverer mouse over it). When the interface is opened it reveals a more expansive message area, with a bigger and easily identifiable list of profiles.
  • It is completely cross browser friendly, you can manage this from your laptop, tablet and even your mobile phone. This gives you more freedom, improves your response time and means as soon as you have something to post to your fans you can do it across all browsers, instantly, no matter where you are.
  • The scheduling post is (for my own business) the most useful feature on this platform. Scheduling posts helps you to be organized at the start of the week, then updates are published even though you are busy with what you are good at. There is also the option to ?AutoSchedule? for this you can just type the message into your dashboard and let the AutoSchedule do the rest, it will choose the best time to post making sure it posts when it gauges it will have the best response/ engagement.
  • If you are mainly using Hootsuite for managing your Social accounts, then you can get a weekly analytics report which you will find very useful. Hootsuite sends you a weekly email with your click summaries. It includes graphs displaying: Geographical information on the people clicking through, Number of clicks per day,Most popular links, Top referrers. This is most importantly free for all users.




  • Some people may say that the Interface can be confusing, it is quite in depth and there are many options, for example having so many social networks and profiles appearing in the interface, can be confusing as there is so much activity taking at once. The interface could be seen as overwhelming and maybe could be slightly less crowded but in my personal its quite easy to get your head round.
  • If you choose one of the paid versions then costs can mount up. As even though the Pro plan costs only $9.99 a month,of you begin adding more team members the cost quickly jumps up, adding a second team member doubles the price.
  • For the majority of small businesses they may find that Hootsuite has many more features than they need. Then the Businesses that are interested in using the full amount of features will have to commit hours to the learn them all.
  • With Hootsuite you can create automated messages which can be a real time saver, however it can also lose that personal relationship you should be creating with followers. I know i find it a bit annoying if the second i connect with someone on Twitter i get an automated direct message.



As with any social media or even marketing tool there are both positives and negatives, things that I use and areas I don’t use, however with Hootsuite I feel that it is definitely a service I am very happy using, i feel that it gives me more time to focus on other areas of business throughout the week rather than having to concentrate too much on social media.

As well as it saving me time, i feel that it is also easier, cost effective and something that I would be happy to recommend to any client of fellow business owner regardless of how much they currently use social media to grow their online presence.

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