Google Pay Per Click Review

PPC (Pay Per Click):

What is Pay Per Click?

Pay-per-Click or more commonly known as ?PPC? is seen by many as a very effective way to promote their business online. Many consider PPC as the 1st stepping stone by a business owner when testing keywords profitability and ROI before they have even tried other options such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). However both PPC & SEO have both advantages and disadvantages. So before you jump straight into PPC, lets make sure you know the pros and cons first.

The Pros

  • When using PPC you decide your own own budget. When bidding for your keywords, you set an amount that you?re prepared to spend, whether that is daily, weekly or monthly. Once you hit that limit it will stop displaying your ad but you stay in charge of your cash flow.
  • Pay per click is a good way to guarantee that your site is being seen. With search engines, if your adverts are displayed at the top of the search results, whether selected or not, they are still being seen.
  • Also being able to target your potential customers by location is a strong enough reason alone to choose Pay Per Click. It makes bidding for your niche keywords easier and means only people who are legitimate prospects will be clicking your link. Therefore someone living in London is not going to click on an advertisement for a personal trainer in Newcastle.
  • PPC can be set for Retargeting or Remarketing.? This is the process of reaching previous visitors, this is an effective plan as in most cases visitors won?t convert as easily on their first visit and remarketing gives you more chances to convert the visitors into sales or as a lead.
  • Compared to most marketing methods or just using SEO the results from Pay Per Click are more easily measurable. Google AdWords give you many metrics for website owners to view how their adverts are performing in terms of conversion and ROI. From the metrics you can see the amount of people who have viewed your ad, clicked it, and performed your desired action.
  • Some businesses see PPC advertising as an expensive form of marketing, however if you actually think about it, it is actually very affordable and the return of investment can be quite large. Not only are you selecting your own budget but you only pay when someone actually wants to see your ad, this is much more targeted and rebate than so many other methods of marketing. There is no danger of going over budget as long as you know what you want to / can afford to spend.
  • PPC channels such as AdWords provide you with more control, you make the decision on what page visitors are directed to. So if you desire visitors on your site to follow a specific path, or go to a certain landing page or webform then you should do PPC marketing.


  • PPC offers no guarantee that when a consumer clicks your PPC advert will turn into a buyer. So regardless of whether they click purposely or accidentally or are interested or not you still have to pay.
  • Your competitors may use ?Click fraud? against you, click fraud us continuously clicking on your advert to spend your budget has ended, in recent years Google have tried to fight this by only charging you once for each IP Address.
  • Bidding wars do occur, the cost of keywords can be expensive depending on how common/ broad the term or phrase is. You could be competing with a company who have been around for years for the top ranking and they may have more disposable money.
  • Like any type of marketing it can take time,? your traffic may not increase in the first month and people cancel the PPC campaign, you?re not really giving it a chance time to be successful for you.
  • Here is a more obvious one; PPC is not free, thesis one main factor why some business? tend to overlook using it. Small business owners are usually looking for ways to reduce spending which makes just using SEO the more favourable choice.
  • PPC ads stop appearing when you stop paying,so no matter how many people type in your set words/ phrases your results will not be displayed, therefore the traffic and the leads that come with it also stop.
  • Pay Per click does not guarantee sales, people think just because they have spent money on a campaign they are guaranteed conversions. In reality conversions depends on numerous components rather than just your ad (even if it is quality): your keywords, your product / service, your calls to action on the site.? It can be seen as a gamble however how many marketing methods do 100% guarantee sales?


Pay per click marketing like any other method has its pro?s and cons however I would still look to use Pay Per click marketing, whether it is all year round or just in parts. If you want to see results and get more clients but are not willing to put any money into your advertising you may find that this can slow down or hinder your growth. The ROI can be great with PPC schemes but just make sure the quality of your adverts are strong, the page they are directed to is created for conversions and you only set the budget to what you can afford and you could be looking at a very strong, worthwhile investment to grow your business.

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