Google Keyword Planner

What is Google?s Keyword Planner tool?

Google?s Keyword Planner is similar to a factory for creating new search campaigns (or improving your current one). With this tool you are able to search for keywords and phrases to get a better understanding of how a list of keywords could perform. With this tool you can also create new keyword lists by mixing a number of other keyword lists together. Not only this but it can aid you when choosing bids and budgets to use for your website.


  • Like most Google products it is easy to use, usually researching keywords and from that creating suitable, adequate online marketing strategies is not an easy task. It requires attentive analysis and an understanding of your target audience to get it right, so its a good job Google?s Keyword Planner tool is easy to use to help us out. It is clean and manageable interface is hard not to praise In the one location you get keyword suggestions, traffic estimations, etc all working together to create a brilliant platform.
  • Google?s keyword research tool allows you to quickly and easily export the data by downloading the keyword list or by selecting certain phrases individually and exporting the it into Excel. This is much more convenient way to save keyword lists for any future analysis.
  • One feature that is quite unique is So this means that it basically mixes two or more of your keyword lists to be able to produce new unique phrases. This is useful for thinking of new ideas for your keywords and when testing for your website optimisation.
  • Another point that you can appreciate about this keyword research tool is that it gives you other alternatives to the keywords and phrases that you have entered originally. With the hundreds of possible alternatives that it provides you this creates lots of opportunities for you to explore.
  • The Google Keyword Planner tool has? brilliant filters which allows you to allows you to include or exclude words from your project. Especially as collecting a large list of keywords and then analysing them can be a daunting and time consuming job, you can even filter based on things such as location and language.


Google have released a brilliant tool here and its really hard to find any weakness to it. Infant we couldn?t!

They are the largest search engine in the world and its safe to say that they know a thing or two when it comes to keyword research.

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