Give Back Events

Give Back Events

Since starting the company a couple of years back, we have always been dedicated to giving back to the local community and investing in youth. This has prodominately been giving talks and advice at a number of school and colleges across Merseyside.

It is great to have a strong relationship with the schools and be able to speak to people who are in the same place as I was only a few years earlier, many of them not knowing what they wanted to do, or where their path was going to lead.

The students have always had great ideas, questions and energy and it is a pleasure to help out.

Running an enterprise day at Rainhill High School was one of the highlights alongside a group of our clients we took the whole Year 10 year group and ran a number of activities in which they would create their own products in groups – With some very very interesting and exciting business ideas coming up all across the year group! Or perhaps presenting at a Year 11 presentation eveneing alongside olympic medalist Bianca Walkden.

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