Getting More Traction Online for Your Small Business

Getting More Traction Online for Your Small Business

One of the major concerns of the small business owner is to gain traction and win over more customers and clients. This is both online and offline, however we will be looking more at the online presence today. It is important to note that the first step to gaining traction online is to win the trust of the audience or client base you are hoping to reach with your product or service.

For small business owners seeking to gain traction online for their small businesses, there are a number of ways to build trust with the audience and win them over, thereby increasing the traction of your small business and improving the performance of your brand in the market.

Here, we will consider some of the best ways to win the trust of your audience and gain more traction online.

Engage More Often

Engaging with your audience gives them the impression that the brand is not a generic, boring ‘run of the mill’ company. People are naturally drawn to the human trait of spontaneity and emotion and because of this, creating content that conveys human emotion or spontaneity definitely captures the attention of the audience and engages them.

In order to engage more, you must review your approach to content. Understanding human reaction to popular content on the web is a brilliant way for measuring the performance of your content online and optimising it to perform better. In order to really understand this human reaction, you must put yourself in the shoes of the audience and allow the content reach you like it would reach a typical audience.

When content is genuine, emotive and relevant, audiences would definitely want to engage more with the content and with the brand that creates that content.

Create Reliable Products or Services

A better way to earn trust is to give your clients the complete value of their money. When the advertising ends, when the marketing strategy has been implemented, what are you doing to ensure that the product really works or that the service is actually dependable? The truth is, many small business owners focus on creating impressive advertising for their products and they leave out the more important aspect of creating services and experiences that are memorable.

No matter what happens, it is the experience the client gets after or during the use of the product that determines whether or not they will remember the advertising. So, if you are looking to increase conversation about your brand online, then you should consider creating products and services that convey an experience that people wouldn’t want to forget.

Pay Attention to the Needs of Your Audience

Pay Attention to the Needs of Your Audience

Listening to the needs of your target audience through the little snippets of feedback they leave you from time to time on social media, through email or as comments on your blog posts, and actually reacting to those needs is one way of gaining traction online. For example, tech review bloggers would always seek feedback from their audience and often get tips for their subsequent content from the suggestions of their audience. This helps build a two-way communication that increases traction.

To learn more about social engagement, social media strategies and online branding get in touch and we will be happy to review your website, social media activity and branding to see where you could improve your digital presence.

Why Choose Breeze Development?

Why Choose Breeze Development?

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