Features of the new Google Search Console

Features of the new Google Search Console

When Google make updates, statements of movements, as a business owner you should pay attention as it will affect your company.

Google completely dominate the online world of search with a combination of an excellent product and providing a fantastic collection of tools and software for companies. As a?web development company?it is important for us to stay updated with Google?s movements, that is why in today?s web design blog we are focusing on the new Google Search features as it has just been announced that the console is?launching out of beta.

The new Google Search Console is likely the biggest Search Engine Optimisation tool in a digital marketer?s arsenal. The Search console provides specific insights which you will be able to use to find areas of your site which need improvement to operate at it?s highest capability.

New Features of Google Search Console:

  • Search performance? This is likely the biggest feature addition to the search console. People have asked for improved search ability and Google have responded with a?reporting feature?which goes further than ever before looking at impressions, clicks, position, average rating, and CTRs. This comes with the ability to go back as far as 16 months, this will better allow developers to enhance a website?s performance.
  • Index coverage? Google?s existing indexing information was already good, however the new?Index Coverage report?is further improved. Firstly, it can automatically issue an alert for any errors and can help the webmaster to find the errors for faster resolutions.
  • URL inspection? The?URL inspection?will now provide better details on how Google ?sees? your webpages. By seeing this you can get more detailed information about index, crawl, etc for your web
  • Job postings? You are now able to list job postings through the Google search console and monitor it?s The job postings are another example of how Google continually integrate features to their single tool to improve user experience and efficiency for their users.
  • AMP (accelerated mobile pages) status? We have previously spoken about mobile first websites and?accelerated mobile pages?(AMP) projects since Google started discussing it as being important.
    The main reason this is important is that your website speed is directly related to your website visitors satisfaction and % conversions. You can now use Google?s Search Console to create reports which can monitor AMP performance and then also find any errors.

How will Search Console affect SEO?

The main question people will be asking is, how will this affect me and my business? In short, this update should only be a benefit to your company and SEO efforts.

  • Data access? With Google providing more access to data you are able to have an informed overview of your website?s performance.
  • Problem resolution? Google?s new reporting system will only make it easier for you or your SEO team to find, diagnose, and resolve any issues.

In conclusion:

The main point is that Google has once again made another strong step forward in helping both web developers and business owners with their marketing and in particular their SEO with this release.

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