Fb Ads Mistakes for Beginners

Facebook Ads

Fb Ads Mistakes for Beginners

Learning Facebook ads can be tough at first.

There are loads of unknowns and questions that you will have.

Trust me, I’ve been there (plenty of times).

So, I have put together 5 tips to help you to avoid some of the most common beginners mistakes.

1. Perfection Paralysis

Beginners are often so scared to spend and lose money on ads, that they try to make their advert “perfect” before launching them.

Which is obviously not possible. 

Instead; Do your best and create your advert.

From there, review the data and see what the data tells you, then make it better from there.

It is all about trial and error.

2. “Which image is better?”

This is a question that we get from clients a lot.

But the answer is really quite simple??

If you’re stuck between two different creative options and you believe that both could have a chance of performing well?.


You can?t tell by guessing, so you won’t know if they work or not until you put some money behind it.

3. Have Patience

There are only so many changes you can make in a single day to try to optimise your adverts. 

You should always feel like you have to constantly make changes.

Many times the best thing to do can just be to wait and let more data and information come in.

4. Start Broad, Then Condense

I see loads of people trying to run their own adverts and target super, super specific audiences.

Please know you don’t have to do this.

This will only put your costs super high.

You can start with broad interest based audiences (minimum 2-5 million).

Then from there if the data is suggesting it, you can condense further.

5. Optimize

A key tip is to start your optimisation from the advert level.

This is because sometimes one single advert will prevent the other ads from getting any spend.

So, make sure before you give up on the entire audience, that you turn off the ads which are not performing to give the rest a chance.

Hopefully you have learnt something new from this post.

If you want anymore information or if you would like to have a chat regarding your own marketing efforts give me a message and we can arrange a call.




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