Factors Which Make a Good eCommerce Website

Factors Which Make a Good eCommerce Website

So you have decided that you want to sell products online, you know that you will need an eCommerce website as your first port of call. An eCommerce website are specially designed for your customer and your business, they should make selling your products as simples possible. A strong and effective eCommerce website should work for the buyer and the seller, and hopefully in this article we can help to explore how you can achieve this.

Creating an effective eCommerce website may be more simple than you think, from making sure that your website works well on both mobile and desktop, whilst providing quality images and text. It is important to know everything which will need to go into the front- and back-end of the website so that you are able to build website which draws in your visitors and generates genuine sales.

The blog has been created to help you to improve your eCommerce website, so let?s get started!

Excellent Functionality

Excellent Functionality

This one is pretty self explanatory as one of the main things that your website visitors will be expecting is a website which is easy to use and fast to get around. When people are online, they want to be able to quickly locate what they are looking for with the littlest amount of click sand time, and that is why website functionality is so important. If you have a clean and simple logical website which means that customers can quickly find the products that they need then you are on the right lines.

Like most people you likely do a lot of website browsing on your mobile now and therefore your website needs to be mobile (and tablet) friendly.

About 40% of the sales on Black Friday in 2018 were made on a mobile device. So it is quite clear that customers are using their phones more than ever before and that if your website is not optimised for mobile then you are losing a massive percentage of business.

Use Quality Images and Content

Use Quality Images and Content

When you get a visitor on your eCommerce website they will want to see your products in as much detail as possible and how clear your images are will be important. Through your sites images and text, you are able to show off everything that is great about your product, whether that is a certain detail in an image or a description of how the product can help a buyer. We have listed a few points below for you to checkout.



  • All images should be formatted correctly  and high-quality
  • Choose the correct file type for compatibility
  • Show your product from multiple angles
  • Reduce your file size to help the page load speed
  • Name your images with alt tags so that Google can read the



  • Make sure that all of your technical details are displayed
  • Really sell why your product is the best
  • Use relevant keywords to improve your SEO rankings but don?t over-do it
  • Include extra information which is relevant such as size guides

Now that you are using quality images and text, you are sure to entice your website visitors. The whole idea of having an eCommerce website is to sell your products to your customers. By following these guidelines will give you the best chance of succeeding with this.

The more information that you are giving your customers, the more likely that they are to engage with you and your company, but not just that it should help to reduce returns if they already have all the relevant information and good imagery.

Include Clear Links to Important Information

Include Clear Links to Important Information

As well as having images and information that draw customers in, you need to have information that shows them where to go next. This can be in the form of buttons, text links, or a navigation bar, but the key is that it?s clear and straightforward to use. These links are vital and can be the difference between completing a sale and a customer leaving your website.

Some of the places these links can lead include:A Frequently Asked Questions Page

This is a great way to let customers know any extra information about the products, shipping, and what to expect when they order from you.

A Testimonials Page

Testimonials from real customers help to put people at ease. When they see that people have had a positive experience, they?re able to trust you and buy with confidence.

A Certain Product Page

If you have certain products that you want to highlight, then you can point customers to them using this technique.

A Contact Page

Customers may want to talk to you about your products and the services you offer, and this should be made as easy as possible for them.

Show off Your Logo

Show off Your Logo

Creating a trustworthy culture online is prized by customers and search engines alike, and having your logo featured prominently helps to do this. Using a familiar logo that is associated with your company builds this trust, as customers can be sure that it?s you. Major brands, including Nike, Apple, and Facebook, use their logos on every platform, and you should do the same to show authority and trustworthiness.

Display Important Information and Offers in a Clear Way

If you?re running a special offer, you want customers to know about it. Even if they?ve stumbled across your website or are only looking for a specific thing, few people can resist a banner or image link that says ?Don?t Miss This Special Offer?. Whether you?re reducing old stock, launching a product at an introductory price, or simply offering a seasonal deal, advertising this fact will draw customers to your products.

There?s a number of ways to advertise your special offers, including:

Creating an Image Banner for Your Site

Experienced designers are able to create high-quality, attractive banners easily for you, and these are great for use on your site. They draw people in with their design and allow your products to do the rest.

Adding Links to Your Home Page

A simple way to feature your product is with in-text links on your homepage. This allows you to describe your product to eager customers and then point them to where they can get one of their own.

Running Ads as Part of a Social Media Campaign

If you want to push your special offers to a wider audience, social media could be the best thing to twin with your eCommerce site. This platform reaches customers from a range of demographics and could be the key to generating leads and sales.

Highlight Your Product Advantages

The whole purpose of an eCommerce website is to sell your products to your chosen demographic. To ensure that you?re doing this as effectively as possible you need to show off your products and the advantages of choosing you. Using high-quality images and text, you can display everything you need to, ensuring that customers understand what you?re offering and why they need it.

The images should be of the highest quality possible, as this is what customers expect from professional companies like yours. They should also offer different views of the product so that they can see what they are buying from all angles.

All of your website text should follow search engine optimisation best practices to increase impact. Using quality keywords, perfect grammar, and authoritative language will all improve your companies draw, as well as improving your search engine results page ranking.

Clear Contact Details

It is important that your customers can easily find your contact details and get in touch with you. Regardless of if you would rather be contacted by phone or email, it is important that the visits have this information close to hand.

As a visitor is crawling through your site they might want to ask you a question, if your contact details are easily available you can keep their interest and push closer to a sale.

Take Control Today!

There is almost always room for improvement for an eCommerce website/marketing campaign, and we would be more than happy to provide a free report of our ideas and review your current work.

Now that you have the knowledge, it is time to take control online and push forward.

Why Choose Breeze Development?

Why Choose Breeze Development?

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