Email-Marketing – More Is Not Always Better


Email Marketing can still build a powerful customer connection, as long as your emails are personal, relevant and well-timed.

It?s happened to the best of us, and no one likes it.

You receive email after email, from people, companies, and general spammers, it annoys you and it annoys me, however, it doesn?t always have to be that way?.

Email is still such a powerful channel for engagement that companies across industries continue sending more and more of it.

The problem comes when the content of the email is irrelevant to the recipient, or if there is just too much of it: It turns people off.

To use the best one-on-one engagement channel they have successful, you need to understand the right and wrong ways to do email marketing.

Email is alive and kicking.

Email (and email marketing) is certainly not dead.?It remains a really strong and effective channel that business owners and marketers have for initiating a conversation and reaching out to their target audience.

Texting has recently started to be used, in a similar way to some email marketing techniques and it does share some similarities with email, however people tend to expect texts to be both more urgent and important, whereas they expect email to be important but not urgent, so they don?t get as annoyed by a non-urgent email as they would by a non-urgent text (Most of the time).

So why do companies keep abusing the power of email?

You?re doing it wrong.

Just a few years ago, it was very possible that you could achieve email click-through rates of around 5 percent.

These days, if you?re campaign is good and you?re lucky, you can get click-through rates of 0.5 percent. But even that 0.5 percent?can make an impact on your business, so companies keep emailing.

But you need to be careful not to make the mistake that many business owners make, they get caught in an email death spiral.

They see their open and click-through rates declining month on month, while opt-outs keep increasing. So to try to get the same impact, they send more and more emails.

But those emails are leading to even fewer opens, decreased click-throughs and more opt-outs. So?..they grow the list and send even more emails. And so on…

If this is you (Or even worse, if this is your marketing company), take a deep breath, step out of the cycle, and do email differently.

First of all, remember that ?One size fits all? emails cannot be?nearly as relevant and therefore never as?effective?as they might?be if they were individualized.

Email is?an?excellent, one-to-one channel that allows you to reach out to a particular person, to appear in their inbox, and to start a conversation with them, a real opportunity for most business owners. But, instead, you sent?the same communication you did?to a million other people. Well, they noticed.

It?s a clear sign that you are abusing email if, for example, you are a unisex clothing company and you are sending a male an email about an offer that you have on women?s bathing suits when in the past I bought men’s jeans from you.

Repeat after me: Bulk email is NOT relevant or engaging — and it is increasingly ineffective.

How to do it better.

So we have established that you can?t simply keep emailing everyone and hoping something sticks. However, we have also clarified that you 100% shouldn?t stop sending emails.

So what?should?you do?

You need to focus on sending emails that recipients actually care about.

Spend some extra time (Or money) on each email, so that your email is both relevant and compelling, this will mean that a larger amount of people click through and the ones who do are also more engaged to hopefully convert into an inquiry or sale.

Triggered emails.

Triggered emails?are exactly what they sound like, it is an automated email (Or a set of emails)?that are?started?based on a specific event, such as an action taken by a website visitor.

For example you could set up a triggered email collection for when a website visitor makes their first purchase, including thanking them, then checking up a few days later on how they found the product/service, and then a few days after that offering the customer a reward such as a discount code to try to get a second purchase.

Triggered emails allow you to reach out only when you have something relevant to say.

Triggered emails increase the importance of all the emails that you are sending because they?establish?that you are only communicating when you have something relevant to say to that person.

One really effective example is: if a visitor had recently engaged (added to the basket but not purchased) with a particular products on a retailer?s website, the retailer can trigger an email informing him that there are only a few of that product remaining in stock, or by offering a discount on this product.

If you are already using email marketing, it is now?the time?to start transitioning from the outdated batch-and-blast method to emails triggered at the optimal moment.

The real one-to-one email will enable you to unlock the full potential of email for your businesses.

Your subscribers will appreciate the right communication at the right time.

By initiating meaningful email contact, you can transform thousands of unsubscribes into millions of click-throughs.

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