Do you need a website?

I wonder how many business owners have asked ‘Do I Need a Website’ over the years, especially those of you that maybe work offline such as tradesman, beauticians or a garage.

Many business owners are often wondering if a website would benefit them, when they need one or if it is a worthwhile investment….well here are a few questions that you can ask yourself.

If you answer yes to a few of these, actually even if you answer yes to one of these questions then you should seriously be considering getting a website.

Could a website make you more money?

Could a website provide you more security?

Would your clients prefer you to have a website?

Do people perceive your business as more established or trustworthy if you have a website?

If you had a website, would you have more influence in your market?

Would you be more popular with a website?

Would you fall behind your competitors if you don?t have a website?

Check out our blog on how a website is your best employee and you will see further how a website can be even more effective for you and more importantly how it is actually cost effective. One of the best business expenses that you will have all year.

Maybe I am biased as a web developer or maybe because my generation has become so used to technology, websites and apps but I can literally see the benefit of having a website for about 99% of business owners. It is 2018….the world of business is online.

In my opinion a website will help you to close larger jobs, look more established, be found more easily and for a one time business expense seems like an easy decision.

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