Do It Yourself Websites Will Hurt Your Business

Do It Yourself Websites Will Hurt Your Business

I personally am shocking at anything hands on, I would likely struggle replacing a lightbulb, however my brother and dad are the opposite and can normally figure out to fix 90% of issues in the home such as a broken cooker.

Which is great for them if it only takes them 20-30 minutes to complete, however if I was to do this then although it would be free as I wouldn?t have to pay a tradesman, it would actually be the exact opposite.

It would be far from free. Between how-to-videos, work, and a trip to the store, I would literally have to spend about 6 hours?.6 hours to do what a professional tradesman would do in 3 minutes, and I wouldn?t even feel 100% confident that my solution would last.

The Temptation of DIY


Do It Yourself Websites Will Hurt Your Business

When it comes to building a website, it?s very easy to get caught up in the same idea. Many online businesses such as WIX & Square space offer professional-looking templates and easy-to-use tools that allow users of most skill levels to create a working website.

Over the years we have worked with many clients who started out using those one of those tools but eventually decided against them because ?it looked DIY??and that there lies one of the biggest DIY website issues comes in.

Inexperience Rarely Makes a Good Impression


Do It Yourself Websites Will Hurt Your Business

Unless you have both a great eye for design and actually know how to put pictures and font together the same way a designer would, then your website will likely not look professional.

If you?re pretty good at it and somewhat technical, then it could look fine, but I guess that depends if your business is aiming for ?fine?. ?Fine? could mean that you are wasting an opportunity to make an impact or close a sale.

Customers have so many options these days that they are looking for better the ?fine?. If design (or development) is not your specialty, you could even make a bad impression, regardless of how solid your product or service is and LOSE business.

Just like you would judge a takeaway on how clean and organised it is when you walk in, visitors will judge your product or company based on what your website looks like?that is a proven fact.

DIY Can Actually Cost You


Do It Yourself Websites Will Hurt Your Business

Far too much we only associate ?cost? with money e.g., it costs money to purchase something.

We tend to forget that things like DIY projects also cost us time and indirect money (lost sales/revenue).

Let?s say you research how much it costs to make a website, and even the lower end website design companies ?feels? like too much for something you could ?do yourself.?

So you do just that? You start doing research, watching YouTube videos, reading blogs, and learning more than you ever wanted to know about building a website, website design, user flow, etc.

Eventually, 90 hours later, you have a finished website that you are content with at best, and it only took you 3 hours a day . . . for a month. 4 things to consider here:

a) What are those 90 hours worth?

b) How much return on investment will this website give you?

c) Will this website give your business the boost it needs to succeed?

d) Is your website better or even on the same level as your competitors?

More often than not, and you can ask your friends and family (the ones who will give honest answers), the answers to those 4 questions.

Most importantly, when it?s just about a lightbulb and it takes an hour then you can afford to make a mistake and laugh about it, but when it comes down to your business and whether it continues to grow the stakes are much higher.

Investing in a Professional is Worth Your While


Do It Yourself Websites Will Hurt Your Business

The vast majority of business have seen dramatic increases in conversions and sales following a solid website redesign which goes to show that it?s an investment that comes back multifold.

You want do your research, pick the best partners, and never look back. That doesn?t mean that you should hire the biggest and most expensive if you?re not there yet.

Why Choose Breeze Development?

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