Different Types of Ad Formats

There are plenty of?Different Types of Ad Formats out there for you and your business to use and take advantage of.

We will take a look through a few options for your paid social media adverts and then hopefully you will have a better idea of what will help your business the most.

Boost Your Posts

These are used regularly by Facebook & Instagram advertisers, boosting a post is the easiest and quickest type of advert that you can run. You simply post a normal post on your Facebook / Instagram and then click the ?Boost? button and set a target audience and budget.

Promote Your Page

A great way to gain likes to your business page and gain more exposure.

Send People To Your Website

This is very effective for advertising products and services on a website, it is also great to raise brand awareness. If you are looking to improve sales online then try the ?increase conversions on your website?.

Increase Conversions on Your Website

From our own research we have found this to be one of the most effective ad format, Facebook allow you to create a pixel (Conversion tracking code) to add to your website checkout page. This lets you track how many real sales you are making from your ads.

Installs of Your App

Great if you are looking to have an app and looking to get more installs

Special Offer Claims

Use this type of Advert format everyday as it is great for providing limited offers.

Other Ad Formats:

  • Get video views
  • Collect leads for your business
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Increase engagement in your app
  • Reach people near your business
  • Raise attendance at your event

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