How To Create An About Us Page That People Will Read

Your about page is one of the most important pages on your website, if it is done right it can help to boost your rankings and stimulate inbound links.

Many of your website visitors will read your about us page if they find it. ?About? pages are a major reason for visitors when deciding whether to conduct business with you or leave your website.

This all makes sense; you cant expect people to do business with you without getting to know you first, when the majority of people land on your site they don’t know much or anything about you.

Display your information in 4 levels of detail:

1) A Descriptive Tagline.

On the home page, briefly summarise what your organisation does and how it can help.

2) More Detail.

At the top of your ?About us? page, offer 1 or 2 paragraphs about the benefits that your organisation provides to its customers with your products and or services.

3) A fact sheet.

Following the summary, develop a section that elaborates on key points and other essential facts on your business.

4) Additional information.

Add subsidiary pages providing more in-depth or targeted information about the organisation.

To develop relevant content, create a list of questions that a potential customer may have about you, and then address them. If you’re looking for a starting point, why not answer the journalists 5 W?s: Who, What, Where, When and Why.

Take the time to be transparent. the more information that you provide a prospective customer about your self and your business, the better.

Final Considerations:

Add a call to action or contact details to the bottom of the page, if the visitor has liked what they have ready so far on your website you want them to take action as soon as possible before they get distracted. Pretty much every page of your website should display a call to action, this could be a contact form, sign up box or just a link to your email address so that it is as easy as possible to get the visitor to your website to convert to a buyer.

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