What is Cloud Flare?

This free service helps to speed up your sites loading time which of course Google take into consideration for your search ranking. It then also supplies you with more security & protection from any bots/spam.


  • With Cloud Flare you get protection and performance in one single tool. For that reason its a great option for any business. It provides you with protection against some common internet threats such as a DDoS attacks or SQL injection.
  • They also provide you with plenty of materials in a simple format for you to learn about CloudFlare?s strong security and features.
  • SQL injection and DDoS attacks are the two most common attacks on the internet. With this a hacker are able to steal your private information from your site such as passwords and card details. So providing you with a rigorous security for both these issues is hugely beneficial for any business / website.
  • It is quite easy to set up Cloud Flare.
  • CloudFlare can improve your websites load speed through their free CDN (Content Delivery Network) and other optional features to improve your website’s speed and performance. They do this as when you add a website to their network, they then act as a proxy and route your sites visitor through their own network and then make changes to enhance your sites response times.


  • The opposite to our last point but some cases have shown that CloudFlare can actually worsen the performance of your site slightly.
  • Many people nowadays do like a service such as CloudFlare to have a live chat for support and instant help so that they can work out any basic technical problems themselves, however CloudFlare have obviously opted against this feature.


Overall i struggle to find any reason not to use CloudFlare. I would of course measure the before and after of using the service to make sure there is not a decline in performance, but otherwise increasing your security and performance can never be a bad thing.

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