The Web Design Works for a Clothing Brand


How we can help:


If you are creating your own brand in the fashion industry here at Breeze we can certainly help, we have worked with a number of companies in the fashion industry such as Jameson Carter, PrimaLash, Kimba Kids and many more.

With a wealth of experience working with fashion companies to grow their online profile and income, we are able to offer high levels of advice, website design, search engine optimization and also paid adverts.

As a fashion brand, your website design and user experience should be a top priority as this can literally make or break your business.


What?s Included:

Website Build

We will start by creating a website a mobile responsive design for your website and adding your content, products and payment information.

Email Accounts

We will create and host unto 6 email accounts for your domain.

Website Editor

The system will have a full management system for you to track orders, customers and inventory.

Online Welcome Pack & Tips

We will send you an introduction pack explaining your website management system, tips for selling online and social media tips.

Google Analytics

We will set up you website with Google?s analytics tool to track what type of users are visiting your site such as location, age and other demographics.

Privacy/Legal Requirements

Before launching the site we will create your privacy policy and make sure that your website is unto the GDPR standards.

Pay Per Click Marketing

We will set up a marketing campaign with Google for paid adverts to appear on potential customers Google search results.

Social Media Graphics

We will create banners for your Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram page.

2 Email Marketing Campaign Per Month

Each month we will create 2 MailChimp campaigns to go out to your customers and subscribers advertising your products/offers.


You will receive monthly reporting on your paid adverts, website users, SEO & email marketing.


Post-launch we will work on the website continually over the 12 months to look at enhancing your performance on the search engines for your keywords and brand name.

Social Media Integration

We will link the site to your facebook and help you to set up features such as Instagram and Facebook Shopping.

SSL Certificate

The package will include an SSL Certificate which will make your site secure to take payments,

Lead Capturing Form

We will add a form on your site which will take enquiries from your website visitors and come directly to you.

Hosting Included

We will host your website on our server for free for the entire time of the agreement (12 months). This will be both for your emails and the website.

Business Card Design

We will create the perfect business card designs for you, ready to go straight to print.

Paid Facebook/Instagram Adverts

We will run paid social media adverts on your man platforms, likely Instagram and Facebook to get you more followers, website visitors & sales.

Pay Per Click Graphics

We will create graphics to assist your Pay per Click campaigns on Google.

Sign Up Form Welcome Email

We will set up an automated, well designed, email to go out to any visitor who signs up as a subscriber on your website.

For more information on our Clothing Brand services or to schedule a consultation with one of our team fill out our?contact form below or?give us a call 07702029817.