The Magaluf Weekender

Client Info

As you may have seen on ITV, The Magaluf Weekender is a brand doing something different. They provide anyone who loves the limelight and partying in the sunshine with a unique holiday experience.

Of course, it’s in the name, but it all takes place in Magaluf, Europe’s biggest party destination. This brand brings cameras, TV personalities, and a jam-packed events timetable for a crazy weekend in Magaluf. It’s just like the party shows on TV.

They film every second of the party weekend and make their guests feel like the star of their own show. The Magaluf Weekender allows people to feel what it’s like to be on a reality TV show whilst on their holiday in Spain.


Project Brief

The Magaluf Weekender had a clear vision for their new and exciting brand. They wanted to create something new in a congested and competitive market; being like everyone else wasn’t on their agenda.

The Magaluf Weekender would be a holiday of a lifetime with every shenanigan caught on camera – just like you see on TV.

The main aim was to create a clean but attractive website that would appeal to their target audience – people who love to party! It also had to be functional as clients would need to be able to search for availability, add guests, and book hotels. Making this simple was paramount.


This project brief was all about time management and reaching strict deadlines.

The client had deadlines for bookings that were fast approaching. So, our focus had to be on delivering what they needed quickly, efficiently, but most importantly, on time. They didn’t want to lose out on sales and bookings, and we didn’t want to lose a client.

In addition, their website needed to attract a specific type of customer. It needed to scream, ‘this will be the time of your life in the sun.’ Potential customers needed to know immediately that they were in the right place.


First, we made sure we fully understood what the client needed and wanted from us. Then, we created strict deadlines for ourselves to ensure we completed everything on or ahead of time.

We built the website on WordPress and incorporated custom features to make The Magaluf Weekender successful. Each person wanting to book their party weekend had to be able to do so with ease. We also incorporated a specific feature – a deposit system.

The deposit system was unique but allowed customers to make their deposits and secure their weekends in Magaluf. Knowing their holiday was booked with their deposit was a key feature for this client.

We also designed the website to appeal to those looking for the ultimate party getaway.


Thanks to our close eye on deadlines, everything was completed and ready for The Magaluf Weekender’s main booking periods. All the feedback we received was great, highlighting how easy it was to use the website and book the weekend away.

The client was also pleased with how easy it was to manage and update the website on their end.

The Magaluf Weekender was just the beginning for this client. They have expanded their brand with The Zante Weekender and The Ibiza Weekender. This client has trusted us over and over, and we have helped get all of the ‘Weekender’ websites up and running smoothly.

• Years working together – 7
• Websites Built together – 6

Breeze Development provide excellent service and are approachable and professional. There were no issues with depending on them to deliver, but the best part was all of the ideas they had, which were endless. The team opened our eyes to new ways we could move our business forward.
We also had strict deadlines, but this was a breeze for Breeze. They kept in touch with us daily and really pushed this project forward.

Breeze Development have been perfect to work with, which is why we return to them repeatedly with each expansion of our brand.