Client Info

ShredFast was founded by ambitious business owner Luke Powell. With so many ups and downs and unique experiences to do with health, fitness and life, he wanted to create something for everyone.

“My purpose in life is to improve the fitness and wellbeing of as many people as possible through ShredFast.”

He opened his ShredFast Well-being Centre which became a massive success. Then, during lockdown, he adapted and developed his first website and subscription-based programme.

ShredFast is a blend of HIIT, kettlebell and bodyweight workouts available for all fitness levels.

But it is also more than that, looking at your general wellbeing, nutrition and motivation.


Project Brief

ShredFast approached us looking for someone to build them a brand new website. It was time for them to take their business online.

The aim was to create a visually appealing website that showcased what they were all about – health and wellbeing made as simple as possible.

With that in mind, it was imperative that the website was easy to navigate on all devices. So, no matter where someone was visiting from, they could find their way around without trouble.

ShredFast needed to host workouts for their customers, so finding the workouts the customers wanted with minimal effort was vital, too.


For the ShredFast programme website, the main challenge was creating something completely new, that would come straight in at the top of the industry.

For a website and app that is to be used by people of different genders, nationalities, age ranges and just about every other difference we had to create a system that was easy & effective for all users.

Health and wellbeing for anyone and everyone had to be the focus. 


With consistent communication with the brand, we worked together to piece together the ideal design & development for the ShredFast programme.

We carefully chose colours, layouts and design elements to fully showcase everything that ShredFast are about.

Breeze Development worked with ShredFast from the launch of their website, and we still work together today over 4 years and thousands of users later.


ShredFast has grown exponentially since the introduction of its website. Lockdown changed the world forever, and online workouts and programmes became more common.

ShredFast turned to us to build their own online presence and aid those who needed some help with their health and fitness.

Since then, this brand and programme have only increased in popularity, its library of workouts growing alongside it.

With any brand, challenges are always around the corner, and we help ShredFast make changes on a weekly basis. This is in order to keep the website and brand at the top of its game.

We also help manage the website and work with ShredFast to continue to grow this incredible brand, bringing it to more people looking for an easy-to-use programme.

• Years Working together – 4
• £ Growth – 0 – 6 figure

The ShredFast programme was born to take over online and we needed someone to create an attractive and effective website & app. We were looking to bring in users looking for a consistent, reliable, and easy-to-use workout and lifestyle programme.

Breeze Development designed an amazing website for the ShredFast brand, which has helped bring in our ideal customers and continue to grow.

The programme continues to grow, and we’ve helped change the lives of so many people. We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the continued help from Breeze Development.