Shop Penguin

Client Info

Shop Penguin are a jewellery brand created from a love of penguins and the want to give back. With penguin-related jewellery and other animal pieces, Shop Penguin gives a percentage of every sale to the Global Penguin Society.

This brand is all about affordable jewellery that allows people to be a part of something bigger.

Alongside the penguin jewellery, Shop Penguin have a range of ocean-inspired necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets.

This brand also ensures its items are shipped safely and can be sent directly to recipients if purchased as a gift.


Project Brief

Shop Penguin, a brand new business, wanted to put their brand on the map and begin to grow through a carefully designed website and marketing strategy.

The company reached out to us to help design and develop a website and take care of their marketing campaigns, too. First, Shop Penguin wanted a beautiful website to show off their jewellery. Second, they wanted to attract their ideal customer.

Overall, Shop Penguin needed us to make everything work together and pull in customers.


As with any new business, the challenge is to grow the brand and keep it growing consistently. In order to do this, the website has to be easy to use and pleasing to the eye, and marketing strategies must be well researched and planned.

So, our main challenge was putting all of that together to create the perfect package to not only get Shop Penguin up and running but to grow the business continually.


With a focus on penguin, animal, and ocean-inspired jewellery, we designed a website to showcase what Shop Penguin is all about. As the main aim for this brand was to sell beautiful jewellery, we ensured the eCommerce side of things was easy to navigate.

Once we’d developed the website, it was time to grow. Shop Penguin wanted to take their brand from new to established, so we carried out extensive research. We figured out which marketing strategies would work best to bring in the ideal customer.

After our research, we put together several campaigns targeting Shop Penguin’s perfect client. As with any marketing strategy, we changed and adapted depending on the results. We also kept in constant communication with the team, so they knew exactly what we were doing to help grow their brand.

The main aim with Shop Penguin was to bring its target customers to the website, but we didn’t stop there. We also helped this brand sell on Etsy and Amazon to increase reach and sales.


With our help, Shop Penguin went from a new start business to 6-figures within 2 years.

This brand grew faster than they had hoped for and continue to see growth across different channels.

We continue to support Shop Penguin and manage their website and marketing to keep pushing this company upwards.

Breeze Development grew our brand to 6-figures quicker than we expected, which we were incredibly happy about. Not only that, they continue to support us, guide us, and take care of our website and marketing.
Without Breeze Development, our company wouldn’t be where it is today, and there should be no hesitation for anyone thinking of using their services.
Their communication, ideas, and constant support are invaluable. With our consistent increase in revenue month after month, we never question if we should be working with this team.
Breeze Development has been a dream to work with whilst helping us achieve our dreams, too.