Reglaze My Spex

Client Info

Reglaze my Spex are a family-run business founded in early 2020 with the aim of making eyewear affordable.
They pride themselves on being a close-knit team that focuses solely on providing the highest quality to their customers. That means minimal ‘faff’ when it comes to finding, purchasing, and receiving eyewear.

A simple and quick way to order new glasses has been made possible with this brand. With unbeatable prices and service, many choose Reglaze my Spex over traditional opticians to purchase their glasses.


Project Brief

In February 2020, Reglaze my Spex reached out in search of a new and exciting website. They wanted to bring in their target customers with an easy-to-navigate website that was also simple but attractive. Their users needed to be able to go from browsing to purchasing with minimal time and effort.

A functional and simple eCommerce store was imperative for the design of this brand’s website – their entire brand is focused on simplicity which is what needed to be shown immediately.

Reglaze my Spex were also looking for someone to cover the digital marketing aspect of their brand. Again, they needed to attract the right customers and make choosing their brand the obvious choice.


Taking a brand from a startup to a successful business can be difficult. However, with this task completed many times with Breeze Development, we were up for the challenge again.

Reglaze my Spex needed an attractive website, but the issue they wanted to address was how difficult it can be to simply buy a pair of glasses. Their focus was to create a brand that removed the time-consuming barriers to purchasing eyewear.

So, their website design and store needed to showcase this as soon as their customers landed on their site. This was our main challenge – highlighting that this brand would take the time and effort out of purchasing eyewear across all aspects of the website design.


We designed and implemented a new website for Reglaze my Spex. With consistent communication and meetings, we ensured our design covered everything the brand wanted and needed. It was important to get the website just right, so consistent communication was key.

An easy-to-use design and a focus on what makes this brand different allowed customers to find their perfect pair of glasses and become Reglaze my Spex customers with ease.

In addition, we created several marketing campaigns to draw in their ideal customer, and we managed their promotions. With the promotions, we targeted new and existing clients to increase their revenue.


Reglaze my Spex’s aim was achieved. We helped them create a website that was easy to use and showcased what their business was all about. With our efforts, this brand increased its client base and revenue.

Reglaze my Spex had its revenue targets worked out and set for several years to come. With the help of Breeze Development, they were able to reach their 3-year monthly revenue goal in only 10 months.

2 years later, we continue to work together and help with the continued growth of this brand. We mainly manage the digital marketing side and get Reglaze my Spex on the radar of more and more people every single day.

Numbers to include if possible
Years Working together – 2
£ Growth – £0 to 6 Figure

Breeze Development’s work is amazing. They provide professional services with the skills that we needed, but they also add a personal approach to everything they do.
They truly listen to your needs and make you feel comfortable and at ease. Not only that, they implement plans and strategies to deliver the results that you’ve asked for. Handling multiple tasks and establishing a healthy workflow is made to look effortless.
In short, Breeze Development are a fantastic company to work with and I will happily recommend them to everyone who ever needs a website or marketing.