Client Info

PrimaLash is the UK’s largest independent lash brand offering over 400 styles of lashes. Since being founded in 2013 by Louise Brearley, the brand has grown significantly, and its stock can be found worldwide.

PrimaLash offers products for all budgets and occasions. They even have vegan lashes! They’re also favourites with makeup artists, influencers, and beauty queens everywhere. Celebrities such as Cardi B, Katie Price, and Gemma Collins have all worn PrimaLash lashes.

PrimaLash has its biggest following on Instagram with 146K followers. But you can find them on all social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest.


Project Brief

When PrimaLash first reached out to us, they were looking for a reliable web developer that could help them grow their brand. They wanted and needed someone who would be available whenever they needed them.
In the beginning, we managed their website and performed small changes that were needed. However, this gave us the opportunity to build a relationship with PrimaLash and show them what we could do. Then, we were asked to create a full re-brand which included graphic design, website development and digital marketing strategies.


PrimaLash wanted to grow, and they wanted to grow fast. The main challenge was creating an entire package that would help them do this.
We also needed to keep them in the loop and show them that we could be trusted and that we were reliable. PrimaLash were looking to build a relationship that would last, so we could be by their side, encouraging and helping them to expand their business.


With PrimaLash’s wants and needs clear, we focused on creating an unforgettable experience with us.

We ensured we were available 24/7 via phone and email. PrimaLash needed to know that we could be called upon whenever they needed us. We also set up regular meetings to keep communication flowing.

On the development side of things, we put in countless hours of research to fully understand the brand. Our marketing strategies came from detailed competitor research and comparison. We knew what was and wasn’t working for PrimaLash and built our marketing strategies from there.


Through the digital marketing from Breeze, PrimaLash has seen an increase in followers, total page views, and sales month after month. We helped grow this business by an incredible 185% from 5-figures to 8-figures.

With our help, the website is kept up to date, ensuring it is user-friendly, attractive, and set to Google’s requirements.

We wanted to build a strong level of trust between Breeze and PrimaLash in the beginning, but that mindset hasn’t shifted. We are still available to the brand whenever they need us.

PrimaLash saw significant growth from the outset and with Breeze as part of their team that growth hasn’t slowed down.

Today, over 7 years later, PrimaLash and Breeze Development continue to work together. We help to continue growing their brand and keep their website running efficiently.

If we need advice, Breeze is always there. If we need an update to our website, Breeze is on top of it and gets it done quickly.

We’ve worked together for more than 7 years, and there’s a reason for that. There are no issues with getting a hold of the team or wondering if things will be done. We know Breeze can be trusted, will always deliver, and are always available for a call. Breeze does everything it can to help us grow, and we see continued results.

We’re incredibly lucky to work with such an amazing and committed team and we don’t take it for granted.