Mitchell Charlesworth

Client Info

Mitchell Charlesworth, a leading accounting firm based in Liverpool, exemplifies excellence in financial services. With a formidable team of over 100 staff across several offices, their reach and expertise are extensive. However, their vast website of over 600 pages was not reflecting this dynamism due to its outdated functionality.



The firm’s original website, while comprehensive, presented considerable challenges. It was hard for the MC team to manage and update. Slow loading times and an antiquated design further detracted from the user experience, not befitting a firm of their stature and location in a vibrant city like Liverpool.


Our web design and development firm proposed a dynamic solution: transitioning their website to a WordPress platform, renowned for its user-friendliness and adaptability. This strategic move was aimed at enabling efficient content management across their widespread team. We also embarked on a significant design overhaul to revitalise the website’s aesthetics and functionality.


The migration to WordPress was meticulously orchestrated to ensure minimal operational disruption. Our team, dedicated to excellence, implemented cutting-edge design and technical enhancements. We focused on improving the website’s navigability and overall user experience, aligning it with the firm’s professional image.


In less than two months, Mitchell Charlesworth’s online presence was thoroughly rejuvenated. The new website now boasts enhanced load times and a user-friendly interface, crucial for a large, geographically dispersed team. The transformation has been a pivotal step in modernising their digital footprint.

“The transformation of our website has been remarkable. The new design and user-friendly interface have significantly empowered our team, especially in managing our content effectively.

This has been particularly advantageous given our extensive operations across Liverpool and beyond. The professionalism and efficiency demonstrated by Breeze were outstanding.”