Client Info

Alex Alexander, a registered nurse and qualified teacher, founded Lex Cosmetics. The brand is a Nurse Led Medical spa and Training Academy.

So, not only do Lex Cosmetics provide treatments, they aid others in growing their own business in aesthetics and skincare.

This brand’s success is evident in its awards as Best Aesthetics Practitioner in 2020 and 2021.


Project Brief

In January 2021, Lex Cosmetics approached us to improve its online presence after already working with the owner Alex on multiple projects previously back to 2019. They wanted to get their brand out into the world, and to do that, they needed an impressive website.

So, our brief was to build an attractive and easy-to-use website that provided an effortless experience for its users. Emphasis was on ‘effortless’ as a functional website wasn’t all Lex cosmetics needed; they needed something extra.

As the company offers training to enter the aesthetics industry, they also asked for the implementation of e-learning resources on the website. These resources needed to be easily accessible and simple to use, making their training easy.


As Alex had seen the work we had done previously there was already a high expectation that had to be met.

For the website, implementing e-learning resources had to be done correctly. The platform needed to be simple to use with a clear navigation system. Anyone using the e-learning had to be able to do so without any issues.

Another challenge was a strict deadline. The work needed to be completed in time for December, so Lex Cosmetics could take advantage of the holiday sales.

Even though there were several types of challenges with this project brief, our level of organisation and hard work ensured all of Lex Cosmetics’ needs were met.


For this project, we had multiple meetings to ensure we understood everything that the brand needed. We outlined exactly what had to be done. In addition, we discussed website development and how to integrate the e-learning resources.

With time of the essence for having things up and running by December, we created a plan to adhere to. Therefore, we were able to easily meet all deadlines early or on time.

With consistent communication, we ensured we were delivering exactly what was expected. In addition, we made it easy for Lex Cosmetics to contact us if they wanted to plan more ideas for the website.


Lex Cosmetics has grown rapidly since the launch of its website. Since then, their growth has allowed them to establish a new location, and they’re known for their impressive customer service.

After launching the website ready for a Boxing Day sale, Lex Cosmetics made a great turnover. This turnover propelled them forward and allowed them to expand their brand quickly.

After 18 months of working together, Lex Cosmetics is a huge success, and its growth is showing no sign of slowing down.

Working with Breeze Development was perfect. We needed a new website that would not only increase our online presence but also have e-learning integrated. We teach people how to build their own business in the aesthetics world, and it was vital they could do this through our website with ease.

Breeze Development made themselves readily available to us whenever we needed them. As a result, we had many meetings, discussions and planning sessions to ensure we were all on the same page.

The time they spend working on our requests is always impressive, and we always feel fully supported.

Breeze Development came highly recommended to us, and we now highly recommend them to anyone else.