Jameson Carter

Client Info

Jameson Carter are ‘industry leaders in creating clothing for the modern man and woman.’ This company aims to merge the latest trends in fashion with timeless styles, allowing their pieces to fit perfectly with any wardrobe.
They cater to men and women, offering everyday clothing, activewear, coats, and accessories. Collections are released season by season.
When Jameson Carter first approached Breeze Development in 2016, they were a fashion industry startup looking for help. Their new clothing brand needed an effective website design and an eCommerce store that was easy to use.
Now, Jameson Carter continues to grow a strong following across social media platforms. They currently have 131K followers on Instagram, 43K on Facebook, and a successful YouTube channel.
Their brand is consistently growing into an established premium designer, and the business has gone from startup to 8-figures.

Project Brief

When Breeze Development first worked with Jameson Carter, the brief was to create a clean and straightforward, user-friendly website. In addition, the aim was to make it easy to use on mobile specifically, as this was what their target customers were using.
They were a new clothing company and needed the essentials set up. These essentials included an attractive and mobile-friendly website, the ability to take payments and save client information, and marketing strategies to put their brand on the radar.


The initial challenge with Jameson Carter was to build an effective website and marketing campaigns to get a startup off the ground. They needed people to find them, the right people, and to turn them into customers.
When customers landed on the website, everything needed to be straightforward to use. There needed to be minimal barriers to selecting pieces, adding them to the basket, and purchasing the product.
This ease of use was imperative for mobile phones, which was where most of their clients would be searching from.


At Breeze Development, we created wireframes to design the mobile view of the website. With large icons in the header, it was easy for customers to access their basket, account, search, and navigation.
With the focus on a clean and magnified design, using the mobile website was easy.
Breeze development guided the brand with multiple marketing campaigns to get them off the ground. We consistently analysed and changed directions to ensure the brand was always moving forward.
Today, we continue to help them grow, expand their business, and give their customers a simple but efficient experience.


Within the first 9 months, Jameson Carter had become a well-established brand with their stock in stores such as Footasylum across the UK.
In another 12 months, the brand grew to be stocked worldwide in stores such as JD Sport.
With more help from us, changing tactics, and marketing strategies, Jameson Carter is now an 8-figure business. They’re also still growing exponentially.
This brand isn’t just another clothing brand. Instead, Jameson Carter is leading the way in premium design and service in the fashion industry.
 Breeze Development has helped Jameson Carter grow more than we could have imagined. We had big hopes and dreams, and they’ve helped us achieve them.
We initially needed a website designer to make our clothing brand website easy to use for mobile. Breeze development understood our needs and came up with creative ideas for our website design and ideas to grow our brand.
Now, they’re an indispensable part of our team, helping us with marketing campaigns, website updates, and new ideas for the business.
If you want a reliable, creative, determined team to work with, Breeze Development can help your business soar.