Grass At Home

Client Info

Grass at Home has been in the flooring industry for over 40 years and prides itself on offering the best prices and service in the artificial grass industry. This company is a family-owned company that always strives for excellent customer service.

Grass at Home is an extension of Carpets at Home and stocks only the highest quality artificial grass. All of their products are put through rigorous manufacturer testing.

This brand also ensures its customers find the right product by offering free samples before committing to making a purchase.


Project Brief

First, this company approached us to help with their already established website, Carpets at Home. They wanted to enhance their website, drawing in more customers, increasing sales, and making the entire site easier to navigate.

Then, they started Grass at Home and asked us to develop a clean and attractive website to display its products and services. The eCommerce side of things needed to be the main focus, so purchasing their products was easy.


For Carpets at Home and Grass at Home, the main challenge was creating appealing websites optimised for eCommerce. In addition, going from browsing products to purchasing had to be effortless.

These websites also needed to attract the correct clients, encourage them to buy, and help the business grow.


For Carpets at Home, we sat down and discussed what changes they wanted and needed for the existing website. Then, we made some decisions, one being to switch the hosting for the site.

At Breeze Development, many of our clients use our website hosting, and Carpets at Home decided it would also be best for their company.

With Grass at Home, we had more freedom to create a website from scratch. But we spent extra time discussing what the brand wanted and how to achieve its goal of growing the company.

Developing an eCommerce store that was effortless to use was at the forefront of this project. We also focused on creating an inviting website that attracted the ideal customer and encouraged them to buy.


Grass at Home recently went live and is already making traction. The website is clean, professional and easy to navigate for all customers. In terms of the eCommerce store, it has minimal steps between browsing and purchasing.

As for Carpets at Home, it now has a more functional website that is more attractive to potential customers as well as simpler to use. In addition, the simplicity of purchasing from this website brings in more customers every month.

We also host the Carpets at Home website on our server, where the website is up and running year-round, loads quickly, and the client has all the security they need.

By working with Breeze Development, both websites continue attracting new customers, and the businesses are growing monthly.

Breeze Development has helped us with our existing website and helped build a new one. They have been amazing to work with. This team always make sure to take the time to fully understand what we want and need and keep us up to date with what they’re doing.
Our existing website has seen an increase in sales, and the website they built for us is already growing. We are incredibly happy with what this company has done for our businesses; they make the entire process easy and make you feel at ease
We recommend Breeze Development to anyone wanting a beautifully designed website to help grow their business.