Card Snobs

Client Info

Card Snobs was founded by self-proclaimed card snob Linda. This brand creates designer and bespoke cards in a shop environment unique to anywhere else. All of the cards are handmade at the shop in Merseyside and incorporate any weird and wonderful design you ask for.

This company believes a thoughtful card can outdo a gift itself and takes great pride in every card they make. They strive to make every card as individual and beautiful as possible so that whoever receives it wants to keep it for years to come.

Card Snobs aren’t your regular high street card shop; they’re personal and special.


Project Brief

When Card Snobs contacted us, they already had a website up and running. However, it was overly complicated in more than one way. The website was too difficult for customers to navigate, and the design was outdated. It was also a struggle to manage and update on their end.

So, Card Snobs asked us to shut down the website and build them a new one. They wanted us to create a more modern and user-friendly website that they could manage easily. It was also at the forefront to help this brand grow and bring in new customers.


Our main challenge with Card Snobs was creating a brand new website that simplified browsing and buying their cards. Alongside this, the website had to be brought into the 21st century and designed to attract fellow card snobs.

We also had the challenge of making things simpler for the team. The website had to be easy to manage and update, too.

Finally, incorporating all of these elements for an effortless experience on both sides was vital.


For Card Snobs, we updated their website to make it seamless for customers. We got rid of unnecessary elements and simplified everything. We also updated the design side of things to match the brand – we made it as modern as the company. It was essential that the website matched the brand and highlighted its uniqueness and high-quality products.

Creating a beautiful design was only the first step. We put together a completely new system for this brand so the team could make changes and updates to the website without any issues. Every business needs to have a solid grasp of its website to ensure operations continue to run smoothly.

So, we provided training guides and videos on how to manage it. This way, the team always had something to turn to if they needed to amend the website. We also offered Card Snobs some social media advice to put their brand on the map.


Card Snobs went from having a website that was outdated and difficult to use and manage to one that is sleek and simple.

Since working with this brand, their revenue has increased dramatically. Card Snobs are pulling in more card snobs every month, not only through the website but to the store, too.

A beautifully designed website can do wonders for a business, and that’s exactly what’s happened with Card Snobs. They stand out from the competition with their values, products, and now, website.

Thanks to our guides and videos, the team also knows what to do when managing the website

Numbers to include if possible:
• Years in business with them
• Orders per day
• Concurrent users at any one time
• % increase in revenue

Breeze Development has been amazing from the start. This company helped level up our brand, and we are incredibly grateful. Our website was not working for our customers or team and desperately needed redoing.
We now have a modern website that, most importantly, is easy to navigate and manage. Breeze Development didn’t just build us a new website; they communicated with us every step of the way and made working with them easy. The team did everything they said they would and even more.
Overall, the service went above and beyond our expectations, and we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company.