The Benefits Of Google+ For Business

Google+ content itself ? meaning content you post to your page ? can rank in search results in instances where your website may not. Each post has a unique URL and, when the content generates interaction, can potentially rank in search results!

Google?s also moving toward integrating social and more visually engaging information. Hashtag searches on Google integrate recent Google+ posts that utilize that hashtag!

Google+ Factors In Local Carousel Results

Ranking factors for the carousel are quite different from organic search results. Google considers its own factors, such as the number of +1s on the Google+ Business Page, to be most influential in determining ranking order.

A Google+ Page needs around 4 reviews in order to get those fancy stars to show. User uploaded photos also tend to display in the carousel, which indicates that Pages with which users are interacting and engaging are treated a little better!

Authorship And Publisher Markup


Google+ Pages and personal profiles can be connected with a website to generate even greater reach on search engines using Publisher and Authorship markup, respectively. As a result, your headshot and Google+ profile stats can show in the search engine results page (SERP) when content you?ve authored ranks!


You should consider creating a Google+ Profile for yourself and connecting it to quality content you write or distribute online.

Connecting authorship with the content on your entire site is not as valuable as using your authorship on quality content you contribute to other websites or your own blog


Google+ Publisher connects a Google+ Local page to your website. People searching Google for your business name or other brand signals will be greeted with a ?Knowledge Graph? of information pulled from Google+ about your business.


Integration With Other Platforms

Integrating with other platforms like YouTube and Gmail is another great way to get exposure via Google+.


It?s best practice to have all of your Google networks (YouTube, Google+ Local or Business and Google+ Author Profile) all in the same account.


Google+ Pages are now integrated into Gmail, including a follow button and recent posts.


Quick & Easy Tips For Google+ Business Newcomers

  • Design cover photos with responsive design in mind! Without the proper design elements and dimensions?in mind, cover photos can look funky due to Google?s responsive design on Google+ pages.
  • Use hashtags in your posts when you?ve got a buzzworthy topic! Google+ will also automatically include hashtags when appropriate, so think about keywords when writing your content and updates.
  • Encourage reviews from your customers on Google+. Reviews increase the authority of your Google+ page and increase the likelihood of ranking well in the local search carousel.
  • Unlike Facebook, Google+ allows you to upload animated GIFs. If your audience is into that kind of stuff, do it!
  • Stay active and add influential people and pages to your circles. +1 and comment on other people?s and pages? content on Google+ and often they will reciprocate. The more activity and engagement you receive on your content, the more cumulative +1s you receive, and the better Google treats you in search results!
  • Make sure to connect your page with your website.

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