An Overview Of Marketing PPC

Marketing PPC Explained


When it comes to marketing and ecommerce, one of the most common terms we see and hear about is PPC, but how do you define this term, and how can it benefit your business? Let?s take a closer look by explaining what PPC is all about.

1.) What Is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, and it acts as a form of online marketing connected with search engine marketing, or SEM. It is a little bit different from traditional online advertising whereby a business will receive a flat fee for merely hosting the advert, and it is also a contrast from regular online distribution of products when the organisation only reaps the profits after a sale goes through. In some ways, a PPC is a halfway house between the two, because it requires an action from the user, but it does not necessarily have to result in a full product purchase, and it still brings in some revenue for the organisation. Read more about the features that PPC provides by clicking here.

2.) How Does PPC Work?

PPC comes into effect whenever a user happens to click on one such advertisement hosted by the business, either on their own website or on a search engine platform. The user clicks the ad, which brings in a small percentage of an item?s overall value, and when they are on the landing page, they may buy that item or any other products that capture their interest.

Search engine sites such as Google generally pay the businesses once a particular payment threshold is reached, so if there is only one PPC click per month, it will barely make a difference. If the organisation is well-established and visible to the point where its ads are regularly clicked, however, then PPC can prove to be very profitable indeed. What?s more, each PPC ad will be given a quality score by search engine pages and social media channels which can boost how much you earn from each particular online promotion.

3.) Why Is PPC So Important?

PPC is very important when it comes to highlighting particular products and services in locations where a user may not be expecting to see it, so long as there is a relevant connection. So, for instance, a PPC ad for a football computer game might pop up when a user searches for the latest Premier League results. PPC opens doors towards building a new audience, and it also keeps the company at the forefront of its regular customer?s minds by appearing in suitable online locations, including social media pages.


PPC is a great way to build an alternative and strong revenue stream on top of what you are already making, and if the ads have been designed with consideration and written with the inclusion of strong keywords, they can make a major difference and stand out above competitors. This can lead to the ads bringing customers away from rival businesses, meaning that their benefits can go beyond merely the original PPC ads themselves.


PPC can have a significant impact and is well worth the investment. For those who have yet to use PPC, however, Breeze Development can help your business to make the most of PPC. 

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