8 Ways To Get More From Your Social Media

Almost every business owner feels like they could be getting more from their social media marketing and they already know how important it is to be engaging online. This is regardless of whether you are a new business just starting off or an established brand.

For any type of business; small or even a large knows that having a presence on social media really has become essential. Your industry the may mean that certain platforms are much more important, such as a recruitment business may see more of a return from focusing on LinkedIn, while a dress designer might have more success building a community on Instagram ? it all depends on you. Regardless of the platform that you intent to use, there are some easy to follow fundamentals to follow.

Here?s a few tips for improving your social media presence.

1) Set Goals

Anything in business or even in life is much easier to get when you actually know what you?re trying to achieve. You get a sense of direction and purpose whilst also making it measurable. So whether your goal is to grow your social media presence in terms of followers numbers or perhaps your goal will be to have a certain level of engagement and interaction with your prospects.

Whatever you choose, being aware of what you want so that you can create your plan to achieve those goals.

2) Engage

Social media also provides a perfect opportunity to engage yourself in the local community, it is not just about self-promotion, it?s about building an online community.

Look at what people are talking about and get involved with the conversation. The people in your online community will be a mix of customers, the general public and other business owners. By helping one another to promote, whilst engaging in discussions, you will organically start to build a larger following.

One other important thing to do with your social media is to ensure you respond to any direct message. I don’t even mean with people who are already clients or trying to purchase your product / service at that time. Even if they are trying to sell to you, just respond to them as nicely as possible, letting them know this isn’t the right time for you but you can make a friendship and build trust out of it.

People help people they like and trust.

3) Use an auto-scheduler

Using Social Media isn’t every business owners main priority or maybe most enjoyable task of the day so they choose to completely ignore it. Social Media can help to build trust, keep people informed and create a connection with your followers, this should not be ignored.

One way to save time and not have to worry about this on a daily basis is to just take 20 minutes out of one day of the week and plan your posts for the next week. Tools such as HootSuite can help you with this, they are easy to use and you can set your posts for any time of the day and even track how they do.

4) Be authentic and use your personality

Many companies make the same mistake when posting to social media for a business, and they make it come cross like a robot is in charge. By letting your followers see that there is a human behind the posts makes them more interested and comfortable with what you tweet. There is a hint in the title ?Social media? the idea is that its social which means human to human communication so don?t take away the personality from your account.

5) Use Hashtags

Tagging your posts with the use of a Hashtag (#) is one of the easiest things you can do but can also be very effective. Hashtags help drive engagement as people will not search on the likes of twitter with the hashtag for example when looking for a gardener they might search #Gardening.

When compared to Tweets without a hashtag, tweets with hashtags showed 12 percent more engagement.

6) Social Sharing

Your brand?s authority comes from more places than just your external links and one of these is Social Sharing. Search engines such as Google, are always looking for indications of others validating your content and this can make a small improvement on a domains authority.

Therefore the more people you can get to share your content the better. If five people share your Facebook post, that?s great and will help, however if 1,000 people to share it, that?s obviously even better. Any kind of sharing even likes and favourites help toward this increased authority.

There are ways to get more social sharing and the most simple way is to encourage it. Appeal directly to people by running things like rewards or competitions for anyone who shares your post, like entry in a drawing for a substantial prize.

Even running a surveys which encourage people to ?like? a post if they agree with you on an issue, or if they?re interested in seeing specific types of new content.

7) Build a Strong Presence

I would definitely recommend using more than just one social media platforms to set up your online presence and engage with your community. It would be much more effective to use at least three different platforms so that your potential clients have multiple ways to can get in touch with you, and some people may only use one platform so theres a chance to reach a different audience on each platform.

Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn are just some of the options available to you.

8) Social Proof

When you deliver you service or people have used your brilliant product, then encourage them to share their experience over social media, other peoples recommendations are a much stronger message to share than your own claims.

This also goes for getting more people to share your blogs / thoughts and idea, ensure that your content is great. People get excited when you make stimulating and interesting things.

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