8 Trends That Will Shape Paid Search In 2019

8 Trends That Will Shape Paid Search In 2019

So, 2019, it is an exciting time to be involved in PPC marketing.

The platforms are constantly evolving and rapidly too, and the best digital marketing companies are evolving alongside them. Not just that but how and which devices are being used, shifting even further towards mobile and voice search. Then there are adverts such as Video and Amazon ads which are becoming more important all the time.

Now it might seem intimidating to keep up with all the changes, you do have to try, especially as your competitors surely will be.

In this article, we will put together some of our top picks for 2019 pay per click (PPC) trends. We will also try to cover some other secondary trends which could shape your work in 2019.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Is Evolving.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Is Evolving.

In 2018 machine learning and automation were already having an effect on companies pay per click marketing and also gave us an indication for just how much of an effect it is going to have moving forward.

Having the ability to automate bids and budgets was just a starting point, how ever there was also new features of dynamic search ads, attribution capabilities, and other features.

This certainly does not mean that marketers are going to be out of a job, but rather that they now have an incredible set of tools to work their magic with.

You still can?t walk away and just let automation run all of your campaigns. The machine learning runs on data and therefore in cases when there isn?t a lot of data, PPC marketers will still have to step in and creatively think about everything that the machines don?t do too well.

With situations where the data is in short supply (such as Black Friday where campaigns won?t behave like most other days), it is best for marketers to turn off the algorithms and directly manage the PPC campaigns.

The machines can only really do what they are designed to do which means that they are great at completing a well-defined and consistent task. However the human still has to interpret the data and change the new information.

Amazon Ads Will Continue To Grow.

Amazon have been building their own pay per click marketing system in a really successful manner and I can only see this continuing to grow and increase their market share in 2019.

A Shift Away From Keywords & Towards Custom Audiences.

A Shift Away From Keywords & Towards Custom Audiences

Audience targeting in another trend which has been growing year on year with the likes of Facebook ads increasing each year.

Our prediction for 2019 is that more marketing companies will (or already should have) started to think ?audience first? as search engines such as Google and Bing are constantly improving their audience targeting and segmenting capabilities for companies to take advantage of.

Text Ads Aren?t Going Away.

Text Ads Aren?t Going Away

Over the past few years so many new technologies have came into play for PPC, so you might thing that old-school text ads would not be able to compete long term..? However according to many other marketers that we speak to, they are also still finding that text ads are still one of, if not the most effective type of pay per click ad still.

So while you are testing out the effectiveness of video, voice, and other new advertising options remember to keep some of your budget for the tried and tested text ads which don?t seem to be going away.

Video Ads Will Be Used More Often.

We have been hearing for a few years now that videos will really push on however in my opinion video?s time has now *finally* come. It now takes up around about 20-25% of ad spend and the percentage is likely to grow.

The main reason for the growth in video ads in my opinion is because these can be re-used across a companies social platforms, it then gives these companies further opportunities to reach a larger audience.

Mobile Use Will Continually Grow.

Mobile Use Will Continually Grow

This is probably the safest prediction in this blog, Mobile usage has (and will continue to) grown every for over a decade now, and unless there is something completely extraordinary happens, then this will continue to grow.

This is why we continually bang on about optimising your website for mobiles.

Voice Search Is Growing

We are seeing about 1 in 5 mobile searches are done with the use of voice search with smart phones. We would only expect the percentage to continue to grow throughout 2019.

I am not saying that you need to start to get ready for voice searches on your pay per click campaigns, I am saying that THIS IS ALREADY HERE AND AFFECTING YOUR PPC CAMPAIGNS.

One way to track this is to download a search query report on Google and sort by ?OK Google?, from there you will see how many times your companies ads have been shown by voice queries.

Facebook / Google?s Ads Algorithms – Will Get Better at Attribution.

Attribution has pretty much been the ?holy grail? for digital marketing companies for such a long time. Many marketing companies now are at least solved at a point where they canst least confidently make decisions.

While working out attribution and what attribution model to use for each campaign has been a headache for marketers. Attribution is exactly what computers were built to do, not humans. They truly excel at recording then understanding massive, complex data sets and finding opportunities in the trends.

Google have already come a long way in helping to solve the attribution issues. However there is still a good way for them to progress. So I would expect each PPC platform to make progress in 2019.

Closing Thoughts

We really expect this will be the year of Pay Per Click automation, this will also bring several secondary trends follow on from this such as automated ad creation and better attribution.

Mobile, video and voice are definitely where search and PPC are headed? but don?t forget your text ads just yet.

If you have more questions or would like to see how Breeze Development could help with your pay per click campaigns then please get in touch today.


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