8 Tips For How To Grow Your Instagram Account

8 Tips For How To Grow Your Instagram Account

Instagram has been around for over 10 years and over 1 billion people use Instagram.

This is crazy but it’s never too late to grow because Instagram is constantly evolving! It’s a great place for creators and businesses to get success on Instagram.

So here are 8 tips on how to grow your Instagram.

1. Optimise


  • Whether you run a business or a personal brand, you should switch to an Instagram business account.
  • This will give you a load more control of your Instagram account, and a ton of Instagram analytics to use to adjust your tactics.
  • You can use SEO to optimise your Instagram account.
  • Write a compelling Instagram bio!
  • Contact info – this is important for Geotagging (location based).
  • An offer or a good reason to stay in touch/follow
  • A way to reach you outside of Instagram (your website/email)

2. Use Reels

Use Reels

  • Due to the rise of TikTok with short form content, Instagram want to fightback and grow their platform further.
  • To do this they have decided to use Reels (short videos). So currently using Reels can help with your growth by pushing your Reels to more exposure.
  • Reels = More Exposure
  • Creating short videos with music, graphics, text, and filters is a big reason why TikTok has become popular so use that same tactic on your Instagram Reels.

3. Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories

  • Instagram stories has become a huge part of the way that the Instagram platform has grown.
  • Instagram stories are short and they are easy to watch.
  • You can use them to lead viewers them to your new posts or outside of the Instagram (your website)
  • Instagram Stories have a chance to create interest and engagement quickly. Because they disappear within 24 hours, they have an urgency about them that drives engagement. People can’t help but take a look.
  • Also look into using them to increase engagement with interactive posts such as polls.

4. Hashtag


  • Be careful with your hashtags on Instagram because of Spam-bots. If you put too many hashtags you will look spammy and you will also attract a load of bots coming to your account page.
  • Only use relevant hashtags

5. Engage!


  • If you want more brand engagement then engage with others!
  • This might seem very obvious, but it’s amazing how little most companies will do it. People like it when you reply to their comments!
  • Also comment on other people’s posts in a similar industry and offer value.

6. Be Consistent!

Be Consistant

  • Being consistent is arguably the most important point.
  • Post a minimum of 4-6 times per week.
  • Remember it will take time for your Instagram account to grow.

7. Collaborate!


  • Reach out to micro-influencers. They are more likely to answer your DMs.
  • Use influencers who are specific to your niche as you are.

8. Post User Generates Content

Post User generates content

  • If you run out of post ideas then get your audience to help!
  • Feature your follower’s posts and tag them. Get them included in your brands.
  • Encourage your followers to create photos, and videos, with your products or testimonials.
  • create your brand hashtag so your followers can use the hashtag!

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