8 Huge Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Needs To Exercise

8 Huge Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Needs To Exercise

We all know fitness is important to our health, but did you know it can also be good for your business?

In a busy life juggling home, work, family and friends, something has to give. And many entrepreneurs frequently drop their exercise. But the problem with this is, physical activity may be the one thing that will help you to cope better, and be more successful in your career.

Here are eight ways physical activity can improve the health of your business.

1) Exercise Reduces Stress

Passionate entrepreneurs sometimes face enormous levels of stress with the challenges that come with setting up a business, creating a new project, marketing, clients, innovate, employees.

Trying to juggle work alongside the demands of a family & other commitments can also be add to this stress at times.

However, physical activity actually reduces any stress hormones and increases the production of endorphins which then provides you a natural high. making sure you have a physical workout, regardless of whether it is before or during the workday can improve how you approach your work, providing you with a calmer mindset.

The best part of this is that regular exercise stimulates regular production of these chemicals, so therefore boosting your mood, self-image, and helping to protect you against life stresses.

2) Exercise Can Improve Your Confidence

Many entrepreneurs are generally already quite confident people, however I have met some business owners who may be confident in their product, or over the telephone but they are not confident in themselves and perhaps their self image.

Whether building a business, meeting with a client, networking or making a presentation your confidence is definitely tested and when you go through a hard period or come under criticism you need all the self belief and confidence that you can muster.

Even the smallest fitness win can help you gain the confidence you need to achieve larger goals in your business life.

3) You Can Grow Your Network

Regardless of whether you work out at the gym or play a team sport, exercise can help you to network with prospective clients or strengthen existing business relationships.

For example playing a team sport such as football, there are a group of friends / team mates who might be prospective clients for you, if not there is a very good chance that they know someone who might be such as their friend or employer.

4) Exercise Helps You To Sleep Well

One of the very common issues that home workers, freelancers and business owners have is that they find it difficult to stick to a fixed routine and often work until late, over the weekend, or, in general – unpredictable hours.

Then to go with this there is pretty conclusive evidence that a good night?s sleep improves concentration, productivity and your mood.

But the good news is regular exercise can help you fall asleep faster and deepen your sleep (as long as you don?t work out just before bedtime).

5) Exercise Improves Energy Levels

It is a strange thought to think that expending energy while exercising can actually give you more energy, however studies have shown that regular low-intensity exercise increased energy by 20% and reduced fatigue by 65% for people in desk or seated jobs.

Running a business can include some tough long days, alongside big stressful deadlines ? but just that hour in the gym can give us the extra juice we need to power through the day. And even on the busiest of days, you should still go for a 20-25 minutes for a short run, or a set of pushups & situps.

Ditch your morning cup of coffee and head to the gym instead.

6) Exercise Gets Your Creative Juices Flowing / better ideas

Although as an entrepreneur you are always striving to think of new ideas, products and marketing strategies to enhance your business, how many of these ideas actually come when you are staring at your computer screen?

In my experience, very few.

Exercise not only improves your fitness or builds muscle, but it also improves brain power. This is because physical activity increases blood flow to your brain, so a jog might be just what you need before starting your next brainstorming session.

7) Exercise Helps With Your Problem Solving

When running your own business a lot of the work you do is just problem solving, this is very true in Website Development. The best entrepreneurs are frequently the best people at solving problems and fulfilling people?s needs.

The greater the problem solver, the greater the income.

When participating in physical activity you can immediately boost your thinking skills, this makes you more productive and effective throughout your day.

8) Exercise Increases Your Willpower

Any type of physical activity requires a certain level of discipline. From learning the basics of an exercise, practising each day, setting and chasing your goal. It is very like your business life in respect to working towards a goal and being self dependant.

For example if you decide that everyday you are going to run for 20 minutes, your willpower across the year is going to be severely challenged, whether its because you are tired or the weather isn’t great, maybe both! But having the willpower to complete this everyday will not only improve and grow your willpower but also give you a huge sense of accomplishment.

If all that hasn’t made the message clear that exercise is important not only for your health but also your business then how about we put it like this.

    If you don’t exercise you can expect:
  • Shorter lifespan
  • Less confidence
  • Less creativity
  • Lower energy levels
  • More health problems as you age
  • More stress

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