7 Ways to Tell Your Small Business’ Story Online

7 Ways to Tell Your Small Business’ Story Online

Today we wanted to look at some ways that you can tell your small business? story online.

Telling your story is how you create a brand, it is how you connect potential customers with your brand and how you let your work/personality shine.

Look at successful brands in your industry, or some of the biggest companies out there, they normally have a story that they are pushing.

Look at someone like Apple, their slogan is ?Think Different? and they are one of the best branded companies that I have ever seen.

  1. Create an engaging ?About Us? page
Create an engaging ?About Us? page - Breeze Development
  • A fact that some people don?t always expect is that an ?About? page is normally one of a companies most visited pages.
  • People like to know who they are buying off and why.
  • A page that explains who you are and what you do is a great way to quickly and easily inform your website visitors about your business about what to expect. However, try to keep it interesting.
  • You should include the basic facts as well as unique parts of your business? story ? such as a historical timeline or photos ? to create a bond between you and your customers.
  • Do you donate a percentage of your earnings to charity? Are you a family run company? Are you the longest running company in your industry?


  1. Manage an interesting company blog
Manage an interesting company blog - Breeze Development
  • For some people a blog isn?t right for them – more to do with the fact that they can?t or won?t keep up with it.
  • Maintaining a blog for your business allows you to regularly update your audience on upcoming events, promotions, etc., but also keeps your website relevant from the point of view of search engines.
  • Search engines like Google LOVE regular, relevant content!
  • That?s why I am back here on my old blogs updating them for 2020!
  • Because your blog is your chance to show people your knowledge and expertise, your chance to tell Google what you specialise in.


  1. Don?t ignore social media
Don?t ignore social media - Breeze Development
  • In this day and age, it?s impossible to ignore social media, especially since this platform is where many audiences are the most active.
  • Different platforms will be best for different industries however you should find which one or two best suit you and push hard on there.
  • Get involved in other people?s posts, contribute to hashtags and provide knowledge in your chosen field.
  • A key tip is to treat social media, socially.
  • You don?t want to come across as a robot just posting sales messages – I made this mistake myself in my first year in business.
  • If you are telling your brand?s story then yes you need to inject your brand into it, but people will buy into you and how you contribute to them and their own profile.


  1. Introduce your team!


  • Make your company more personal by including a page on your website that gives visitors a chance to see the faces behind your business.
  • As we said on the point above, even in the modern online world – people still buy into people.
  • Not everyone, but some people will still care about who your team are, how they find the job and how your team have the expertise to help them.


  1. Add email marketing to the mix


  • As with blogs and social media channels, email marketing is a great way to retain your audience?s attention.
  • This is one that as a company we have really pushed on with over the past few years with tools like Klayvio setting up automated mailing campaigns for new subscribers or customers can really add a lot of value for your customers and if you are selling a product it can increase average order value and abandoned cart recovery.
  • This will not only increase your bottom line but also make marketing cheaper as you are converting more of your visitors.


  1. Produce a short video.


  • Never underestimate the power of a short, well-produced video for telling your business? story online. Show before and after projects, tours of the facility, how-to videos, or one-on-one interviews with employees and customers.
  • ?A Picture Paints A Thousand Words, But A Video Shows A Thousand Pictures?
  • If you are going super personal, you could use video to introduce yourself, your team and what you stand for.
  • If you are in fashion you could use video to show how your clothes look and give the impression of the ?type? of person who would wear your clothing.


  1. Let your customers speak for you!


  • Finally, one of the best ways to tell the story of your business is to let your satisfied customers tell it for you! By featuring customer testimonials on your website, blog, or social media channels, prospective customers can see how your business operates and treats its customers.
  • Testimonials are still trusted even though some people have abused them and put fake ones up in the past, the way to really overcome any doubt is to go off point 6 and get video testimonials from your customers.
  • You can guide these with a set few questions about what you have done and how you have helped.
  • The credibility will go through the roof vs a basic text-only testimonial.


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