7 Techniques to Make Your Writing Go Further

If you are like me at some point you have probably been half way through an article such as ?8 Ways Your Business is Like Virgin Media? or ?5 Ways Your Life is Like Justin Bieber?s? and then half way through asked yourself, ?Why am I reading this?? However there is a reason for why you are intrigued enough to open that type of article. There are certain formats for advertising content that the media frequently use to hook readers into clicking on the link.

Creating content whether it be with blogs, newsletters or even your website content, you cant hide the fact that it is vital for businesses. So its good to know some of the best way to get people to read the content you create.

Here are 8 of my tips on how to package your writing so that more people read and share it.

1. Use Numbers

For some reason by adding numbers into your title not only does it make it seem more true / believable but it also gages a readers attention better. By writing something along the lines of, ?Why 80% of Pensioners Are Likely To Be Hacked? it highlights the significance of the point. One method that always attracts my attention and so many others is when people see reference to the word ?million(s),? such as ?How X Entrepreneur Made Their First Million?. When using this method I would always recommend that you use a large amount. It is much more eye-catching and compelling for example would you open ?Why 2% of Pensioners Are Likely To Be Hacked??

2. *Number* lists, ways and tips

Just like the title of this article, if you can put the topic into a compelling list it can be a great way to get clicks and shares. Creating your content within the context of ?Top 5 Ways? or ?10 Tips? is an easy and effective method for getting readers interested enough to open and then read content.

3. Compare contrasting groups

It is in our nature to be competitive and we like to see (and read about) competition between groups that we are involved in and / or include some sort of a rivalry. There are many examples of this: rich vs. poor, men vs. women, small business vs. big business, old vs. young etc. One way to write this would be ?Why rich are getting further ahead of the poor.?

4. Challenge the norm or people?s beliefs.

This has been one of the more successful ways that the media and writers use to attract more interest and that is to challenge a common idea. Many people click on these links out of curiosity and sometimes as people just like to disagree so people look for things they an disagree with. One example would be for this might be ?Why the A- Grade Student May Struggle To Get a Job?.

5. Include Celebrities In Your Title

Whether you agree with it or not, in the modern day the pop culture or celebrities are a huge attraction and will bring interest along with it. You can use these singers, sportsmen or even someone like Paris Hilton. My example here is ?21 Business Lessons You Can Learn From Justin Bieber? as a way to make people curious and more likely to read your content whether they like the person mentioned or not.

6. Busting a myth

People love proving and even reading about myths being disproved, so this is a good way to get peoples attention. Curiosity will always make people want to know and read about things that they do not about. You could use something along the lines of ?3 Myths on Why Online Marketing Is Too Expensive for SMEs?. However if you do use this method then you do need to ensure that you actually disprove a common belief or it won?t work.

7. Common pitfalls

As with the last point, people are eager to know what things / steps / people that they should avoid. Therefore if you are able to write your content from the clients perspective of what pitfalls that they need to be careful of. One example of this would be ?Common Networking Mistakes That Is Losing You Clients?

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