7 Simple SEO Tips to Promote Your Website in 30 Mins

30 minutes seo

Since opening Breeze Development we have been constantly been working hard to grow and develop our client base & expertise, through offering a strong mix of creative thinking, technical know-how and experience.


At Breeze we are committed to helping you to get the most from your website. Over the past few years we have created some great websites for our clients which have boosted their brand and helped to grow their company.

By using the following 7 simple tips you can efficiently start to market your site.

  1. Picking your domain name

    By making sure that your website is linked to a relevant URL is one of the first thing that you can do to help your business. When you choose a domain name it should be easy to understand and quick to search.Your domain name will have to be selected before you can launch your website, if you are part of a company or brand then it is best to stick to your company name.If not then it is worth looking at using a keyword in your domain. But the most important rule is just to make it easy to remember and spell.

  2. Create page titles and descriptions that help get you recognised

    As we create your website, we will add titles on each of your web pages alongside a 150-180 character description of what your web page includes.

If you are not sure how page titles can help you, then go onto a website and hover on the open tab in your browser, here you will see what your title displays to search engines.

It is the same for your page (meta) descriptions, so this can?t be seen at the top but Google uses this description to work out what your page is about.

When your website is finalised and has been picked up by Google, it is your page title and description which Google?s users will first see when they search for relevant keywords. This way they will immediately know if your website is what they are looking for or not ? this is the main reason why it is important to check your page titles and descriptions.

  1. Design your website around keywords

    Keywords are still important to your website, of course they are. You can no longer spam in hundreds of keywords to make sure you rank highly but you need to have your keywords on your page still to help you to rank.

Keywords are how Google directs their searchers to your website, picking keywords for your specific industry are helpful to get you the right attention. There are free tools which you can use to help to find and understand keywords such as Google AdWords.

You should use Google?s Keyword Planner to view suggested keywords related to your industry, this will help you to reach reach more customers in your target audience.

AdWords of course has other options such as paid adverts (PPC)? in which you can pay to give your website a boost with display adverts.

There is many ways that you can reach out to your target customer once you have your keywords in order.

  1. Add text to your images

    As we have just mentioned mentioned, picking keywords which relate to your industry is really important for when customers are searching for you online.Well keywords also work on your imagery, with each image that you choose to upload to your website, add a few words about the image in the alt tag and description which both describe the picture and are catchy to your search engines. Remember to always pick the right file name for your image and reduce file size for faster loading.

Google says that the main reason that a visitor leaves a website before they view the whole website is because the site has taken too long to load, this is mainly because the image files are too big.

  1. Anchor text can be helpful in guiding viewers around your site

    Another way you could look to get your website more views is by adding anchor text to your webpage.

Anchor text is simply where someone can click on a selection of text which has been highlighted in a ?hyperlink? which takes you straight to another webpage on your website.

It is best to keep to a short phrase or keyword for the anchor text, it?s also best to choose keywords which are popular in your industry and are frequently searched on Google.

Like all SEO tasks although it is beneficial if you over-do this then it can actually be negative and decrease your rankings.

  1. Get advertising through Google

    If you are really aiming to maximise your views on Google through the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) you can also look at using Google owned sites such as YouTube and Google Maps to promote your website.

Google are likely to send more traffic towards the websites which they own, so having your website and business on them can be advantageous. Another product which you should have is a profile on Google My Business.

This is the area of information that shows in on the right hand corner of the Google search when you google your company. It shows the name of your business, photos, contact details and reviews.

  1. Mobile friendly websites are always top

    Mobile-first websites are a requirement.

Over the past few years, there has been a change in ?internet browsing behaviour?, with millions of people moving from desktop to mobile technology.

As this change has happened Google has now given preference to mobile friendly websites, this means they will prioritise a mobile website over a desktop only website.

Google?s own blog stated ?our algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site?s content to rank pages from that site, to understand structured data, and to show snippets from those pages in our results.?

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Why Choose Breeze Development?

Why Choose Breeze Development?

We do Digital. We?re your web design company, web development agency and digital marketing team all rolled into one very special integrated digital service. We help you to grow your brand, business and profile online. We do this by creating a tailor made website, designed to represent your high level of service and developed to maximise results.