7 Reasons Why A Custom WordPress Theme Is Better For Your Business

7 Reasons Why a Custom WordPress Theme Is Better for Your Business

There are so many ready-made themes that you might not need a custom theme for your website. In this post, we’ll talk about seven reasons why a custom WordPress theme is better than an pre-built one.

Almost seventeen years since its first release, the WordPress platform continues to be one of the most widely used content management systems in the world. According to statistics, version 5.9 of the platform has been downloaded more than 19 million times.

WordPress is very flexibile it can be used for various types of websites, starting from basic blogs and non-profits, right up to online stores. WordPress is favoured by many globally renowned enterprises including Mercedes-Benz and Bloomberg. So what is the secret to their incredible popularity?

The open-source platform is very easy to set up and manage, and it has a huge community support team. It also comes with thousands of ready-made plugins that can be used for various business functions.

One of the most important factors that a website should consider when it comes to choosing a WordPress theme is its features. In this post, we’ll discuss multiple reasons why a custom WordPress theme is better than a pre-built one.

What Is a Theme? What Types of Themes Exist?

What Is a Theme? What Types of Themes Exist?

A WordPress theme is a set of files, which define the way a website looks and the layout of its content. These files include various types of files such as images, CSS styles, and templates.

Basically, a theme is a basic layout that you will later fill with your content.

There are three options when it comes to obtaining themes.

1) You can purchase a premium theme on numerous sites.

2) You can hire a professional developer who will create a custom theme exactly to your specifications and requirements.

3) You can download a free theme from the official vendor’s website.

Although it’s possible to customise a free or paid wordpress theme by tweaking the coding, building a theme from scratch can be a lot more beneficial for your business. Here is why:

The Advantages of Choosing a Custom WordPress Theme for Your Project

The Advantages of Choosing a Custom WordPress Theme for Your Project

#1: A Custom Theme Will Precisely Align With Your Company’s Goals, Vision, and Content

There are many beautiful-looking WordPress themes out there, especially the premium ones. Unfortunately, these can go down the drain after you realize that they don’t reflect your company’s vision or goals. Having the right WordPress development team can help you create the ideal theme for your website.

Before you start working on a theme, it’s important that you thoroughly consider the various factors that will affect its appearance and functionality.

Have you considered?

* What do you want people to think, do and feel when they arrive on your site

* What kind of people are you going to target? What do you know about them? Why would they want to visit your site?

* What content is your main page going to include?

Only after considering these points and doing some in-depth research to understand your key business requirements will a custom WordPress theme developer start with the actual coding.

When customising a ready-made theme to the required level you want may take a lot of time with no guarantee of the desired outcome.

#2: A Custom WordPress Theme Will Differentiate You from Others in Your Niche

If you use the same theme for your website even after changing its colors and content, it will not only confuse your potential customers, but it will also prevent them from returning to your site in the future.

You might think that purchasing a premium theme and modifying it to your taste will set you apart from the other companies in your industry. Unfortunately, almost 15% of the market is composed of just three premium themes. Even after you make significant changes to the theme, its features and layout will still look and function similar to those of other websites.

A custom WordPress theme or a WoooCommerce theme, on the other hand, will stand out from the crowd and will give you a distinct advantage over your competitors. Having the right theme will also help boost your brand recognition and sales.

#3: A WordPress Custom Theme Will Give You More Security

Due to the increasing number of cyber criminals operating on the Internet, it’s important that your website is protected from them. Unfortunately, many of the websites that hackers attack are powered by WordPress. According to statistics, over 90% of the sites that hackers targeted a few years ago were built using WordPress.

Cybercriminals usually get into a WordPress site by breaking its code and searching the Internet for other websites that use the same theme. Once they find those, they can easily access the site’s security holes.

Since a custom theme is built on top of WordPress, it can be very hard for a hacker to access its code. However, since it’s built on top of the platform, it can still provide you with more security than a free theme.

#4: A Custom WordPress Theme Is Always SEO-Friendly

Getting high rankings on search engines is very important for any website. Having the right theme and implementing the proper search engine optimization techniques will help boost your site’s traffic and improve its position in the search results.

Having the right theme and implementing the proper search engine optimization techniques will help boost your site’s traffic and improve its position in the search results. One of the most important factors that search engines consider when it comes to ranking a website is its structure. Having a well-designed and built WordPress theme will allow them to easily index your site.

#5: A WordPress Custom Theme Guarantees Excellent Performance

Premium themes often come with tons of features that your business doesn’t need, and these can cause your site to load much faster than it should. This issue can affect your website’s performance and negatively affect your search engine rankings. One of the most important factors that search engines consider when it comes to ranking a website is its loading speed.

A custom theme is built with all of the features that your business needs, and it can help speed up your website’s loading speed. It can also help improve the user experience of your site. Unlike premium themes, which often come with additional features, a custom theme has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it doesn’t have any bugs.

#6: A Custom Theme’s Developer Provides First-Hand Support

Unfortunately, there are many issues that you can encounter with a pre-made theme, whether it’s free or paid. With a theme that’s incompatible with plugins, your website will not work properly.

In addition, millions of websites use the same theme. This means that the owners of these sites might also be experiencing the same issues. It can be very frustrating to wait for the issue to be resolved.

A custom theme, on the other hand, comes with a developer who is always available to help you with any issues that you might encounter. He or she can fix any problems that you might have with the theme.

#7: A Custom WordPress Theme Can Be Easily Updated

Updates are always important for any type of software. WordPress themes are no exception to that rule. Security updates make sure that your theme has all of the latest features and security patches that better protect your website against cyber threats.

Unfortunately, many premium WordPress themes can start ignoring these updates, which can put your website at risk. With a custom theme, you can easily update it without affecting its functionality. This means that it’s the best choice for your website.

Final Thoughts

One of the biggest objections that people have about using a custom-made theme is that it’s more expensive than a pre-made one. However, when it comes to business success, every £££ that you spend on a custom theme is well-worth it. Not only will it look and feel great, but it will also have the latest features to help your website load faster and more secure.

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