7 Essential Habits of a Healthy Entrepreneur

7 Essential Habits of a Healthy Entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur it is easy to become that focussed on work and achieving your goals that your health and wellbeing take a backseat and therefore starts to degrade.

This is especially true in industries like my own, website development and office jobs mean you could quite easily spend your life sat down and not exercising or getting fresh air.

To take some ownership back over your day and health here are some tips that we recommend to keep you going.

1. Learn something new every day – keeping your brain stimulated, trying and learning new things and activities will help you to step away from the business for a short time and improve general happiness.

2. Set goals and create systems to achieve your goals?- This might be one that you already do, goal setting is so important for an entrepreneur but not just for your business, you should also include health/fitness goals and relationship goals to be completely fulfilled.

3. Spend your ?downtime? wisely – You don’t have to work 18 hours a day, everyday, it is important to have some down time, but it is also important how you spend that time. Exercise for example should definitely be a part of your downtime

4. Make exercise a priority – we have already said this a few times, look after yourself.

5. Eat less junk food – Eating well will give you more energy and keep you in better shape, again this is even more important when you sit at a desk all day.

6. Sleep more – this might be a strange one, as many ‘gurus’ will tell you to work every hour of everyday but your brain will get better results if it has had a rest.

7. Create balance in your life – All of the tips basically cover this one, work is great but there has to be more to your life than just working.

I hope these tips can be implemented into your life and help to keep you healthy as ‘health is wealth’.

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