6 Tips To Creating A Great Restaurant Website

To create a great website for your restaurant what should you put your mind to? Well, if you start by thinking, why do people like going to restaurants? For the food, the ambience, to relax and have a good time with friends. If you can build your website whilst keeping that in mind, then a restaurant?s website can be a very useful tool to the dining business.

You can allow your guests to be acquainted with your menu, style, interior and services. Furthermore, with an online website that you can also receive online orders as well as reservations then you open up many new possibilities and opportunities to increase your revenue. The website is a necessary attribute of any modern business and restaurants are no different.

1) High-Quality Images

Online everyone is constantly fighting for people?s attention and a business website is usually on the front-end trying to get people to click in and find out more. Therefore, it needs to be attractive.

I would recommend large background images as a great choice for restaurant website design. You can add some high-quality images to the menu page in order to demonstrate how your dishes look. It is important that you make sure the images look ?delicious?, as they are supposed to arouse an appetite.

Food photography should create a desire to try it out, because when they do, people can?t wait to step into your restaurant and get a bite.

Finally I would recommend adding interior photos to your site to convey the atmosphere of your restaurant.

Don?t underestimate the power of imagery.

2) Target Audience

In any business it is important to firstly find out your target audience. For example if there is a university near your cafe, then you will likely find that students will probably be your most common visitors.

If you are based next to a business centre then it is more likely to expect business-executive types to dine at your restaurant. Review your surroundings for the type of target audience, their age group and ultimately their preferences.

After you have decided this you can then design your website to match this, so if you are trying to engage the more serious executives and office workers, then you would be best to go for an elegant, professional style.

3)?Don?t Forget About TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor comes top of Google search results for a reason. It is a very powerful tool and well respected resource. For many people, this is where the restaurant search process begins.

I Know personally if I can?t think of anything I want to eat off the top of my head, I will just turn to TripAdvisor and see what?s highly rate and local to me. If your restaurant isn?t active on TripAdvisor, it needs to be.

Some additional tips for your TripAdvisor are:

? Get some professional photos taken and have them uploaded to your official Tripadvisor page (customer photos are great but you don?t control these).

? Reply to everyone that leaves feedback, good or bad. This shows you?re willing to listen to customers and act on their feedback.

4) Easy-to-use Contact Page

Your restaurant website should definitely have a very easy-to-use contact form. It is no longer enough to just have an email address or number on your site. With a contact form you can add sections which can help to narrow down what the person is trying to contact you for.

Also, it is always a good idea to attach a map to the form or contact page to show visitors the location of your restaurant, this will help to remove questions about the location of your restaurant.

5) Stay Sociable

There are many social networks that you can and should be using to share information and find potential customers. Let your visitors follow your news, updates, and maybe even staff via social networks. Stay open to communication, be friendly with your customers, be kind and they will act in the same way.

?Word of mouth? is still possibly the strongest motivator as to why people will go to your website. However this is no longer just in person, through testimonials, reviews, Facebook Check-ins and other social media posts then your visitors can really help you to create a buzz.

6) Keep It Simple

All great restaurant websites should include important and required pages, such as your home page, the menu, the ?About us? page, and a Contact form.

It is very important to create all these pages, because without any of them the website won?t be complete.

It is important to aim to keep your website as simple as possible. Simplicity and a user-friendly design is your main goal. If a user doesn?t find what he or she is looking for in three clicks, it will be goodbye for good.


These tips are designed for beginners, but I hope that the pros appreciate them as well. Define your goals and try to achieve them with the help of your website. Remember that perfection is a journey, not a destination.

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