6 Content Tips: How To Write When You Have Nothing To Write About

1. Q & A / FAQ Sections

Customers out there have questions – Answering those questions can give you instant content.

Put a simple form on your website then write a short article/post about each one. The more detailed you get, the more likely the reader is to hire you, because they realize just how much work they?d have to do.

  • Link from your answers to relevant services pages on your site, as well as to other answers.
  • Check the phrasing of the question. Make sure the question uses the most common phrasing. If it doesn?t, edit it.

2. Post Specifications

If you sell products, post your product specs, in HTML format. Link to the specifications from the relevant product page.

  • Do the specifications in HTML format! You can link to a PDF ?printable? version.
  • Rewrite any paragraph text. If you?re using the manufacturer?s standard specification sheet, rewrite any detailed text ensure the page is as unique as possible.

3. Transcribe Videos & Podcasts

Send your videos, training sessions and podcasts off to be transcribed. Then post the transcriptions to your site as articles, or post them on the same page as the video or podcast in question.

  • If you?ve transcribed a video or podcast, be sure to place the transcription on the same page. That could boost the video?s chance to rank in universal search, too.
  • Edit the transcriptions for readability. Sometimes the spoken word is riddled with. Tweak the language for a few choice key phrases, too.
  • Link like with like. If a transcription relates to a product, link them together. Same with services, Q&A items and specifications. Don?t just throw content up on your site?make use of it.

4. Write About The Funniest Thing That?s Ever Happened In Your Business

Don?t be mean, but write about the silliest, funniest thing you?ve ever encountered in your day-to-day work. I don?t care if you?re a plumber, a purveyor of rubber gloves, a toothpaste manufacturer or a cashier at a grocery store;something?funny has happened to you at work.

  • Try to tie the event in to your work somehow. In my case, I was?at?work, so the tie-in is pretty easy. But there?s almost always some relevant moral or lesson you can extract.

5. Write About The Best Thing To Happen In Your Industry

This is an easy one. Pick a recent event (in the last month ? up to a year) that you feel has done a lot for your industry. Tell people why you think it matters. Solicit their comments.

  • Be sure to contact other pundits in your industry. Get a discussion going. You?ll build links, and you might just learn something at the same time.

6. Rant

If something infuriates you, write down why, and how to fix it.

Do not publish right away.?Ever. Let your rant sit, safe and sound, for 24 hours. Then reread it. See if you were offensive or downright nasty. If you were, rewrite or start again.


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