5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in Google AdWords

Google AdWords

As an entrepreneur, there’s no worse feeling than when there is a lack of phone calls, contact form submissions, online orders, etc. And it is important to continually work at adding to your sales pipeline. One way to help with this is to invest in Google Adwords.

I have came across some bad articles which say that you should not use AdWords because:

  1. You have to pay for clicks.
  2. You have a set amount of characters.
  3. It’s hard to beat the big companies.
  4. Mistakes can cost you.
  5. It doesn’t fit your industry.

So I am going to show you why articles like this are inaccurate and hopefully give you 5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Invest in Google AdWords.

Our digital?marketing?company manages many clients Adwords?campaigns so we have plenty of real life experience when it comes to PPC?Marketing.

  1. You only pay for?quality and strategic?clicks.

With PPC marketing, you only pay when someone clicks on your website, however most importantly if your campaign is setup effectively and monitored each month then the keywords that you are bidding for are strategically bid on and are effective for your business.

One example is? A translation company which is aiming to generate more leads and sales, targets the phrase ?French to English translation companies” you can set bids to only target the keywords which are most effective for you and only get charged if someone clicks your advert and visits your website.

The?Google Economic Impact Report claims that companies make an average of $2 in revenue for every $1 that they spend on Google AdWords.

Is there another kind of advertising where the intent to purchase is higher?

  1. Be creative?with a limited number of characters.

Some business owners are solely obsessed with the quality score?on AdWords. They have this idea that if they have their exact keyword in the advertising copy, then their quality score will be much better and then the cost per click (CPC) will be lower.

Unfortunately, if everyone is bidding on the words?”Liverpool SEO company” with their advertisement, then there is not going to be any reduction in price as you are all driving the price up. Then if you all use it in your title then there is nothing to distinguishes your advert from your competition.

  1. You?can?compete with big companies.

Unlike with TV adverts where a business needs a large budget to get shown, with Adwords you can get started for as little as you want, you set the budget.

I personally would recommend starting with a minimum budget of ?200 so that you can get enough clicks, views, etc to monitor the performance, track the data and then be able to make changes and improvements to increase traffic and conversions.

That is another positive of AdWords, you can actually track the performance? all the way through and once your campaign is working and profitable, you can increase your budget to keep increasing returns. Then if you ever wanted to stop then you can simply pause the campaign with just one click of a button.

  1. Mistakes can cost you money.

This is completely true, mistakes with your PPC marketing can and will cost you money, however this is true with any form of marketing, to be honest this is likely in almost any area of business.

Running a business includes risk, it includes making mistakes, that is how you improve, however the best way to minify this risk is to hire a PPC expert who knows what they’re doing and how to manage your campaign.

Below are some mistakes we see on AdWords:

  • Not monitoring the search terms results and adding negative keywords
  • Poor conversion tracking set-up, which leads to inaccuracy with your reports
  • Poor advert copy
  • Location targeting not properly set-up based on business objectives
  • Improper bidding, not using broad match modifier, phrase match and exact match
  • Bad landing page experience
  • Improper date/time bidding
  1. It doesn’t fit your industry.

For 95% of companies then there is some words or phrases that you could be targeting on google through both your pay per click and your search engine optimisation.

However if you really don?t have a search phrase that will help people to find your company, then why not instead try paid social media adverts, where you can target a certain type of person instead. It is thought unlikely that your business wont be able to target Googles users on Adwords and attract instant traffic to their website.

In Conclusion:

When done properly Google AdWords can be a real gold mine for your company. The beauty is that when you get started on AdWords, you can set your own budget and track every movement.

As a digital marketing company if you do need any assistance setting up your Pay Per Click campaign then feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help out regardless of whether it is for a one-time set-up or a long term pay per click campaign to really help to push your business forward and get more visitors and sales straight away.