5 Reasons To Build Hype Before You Launch Your Website

5 Reasons To Build Hype Before You Launch Your Website

Building a website is a huge undertaking. From the planning and design to the build and final launch, each stage demands a lot of attention.

With all this work eating up your time, it?s easy to neglect your pre-launch hype.

Businesses that create a buzz around their web launch will get more traffic, engagement, and leads when the launch day finally comes around. So not indulging in any pre-launch hype is a missed opportunity.

Whilst your refining your designs in the background, there?s ample opportunity to do some valuable groundwork for D-Day.

Here are five great reasons why you should build hype before you launch your website.

Boost your SEO rankings with strategic content

Boost your SEO rankings with strategic content

With over 3.5 billion Google searches a day, SEO is an important KPI for your web development project.

A brand-new website, even with the world?s best content, isn?t going to be scaling the heady heights of a search engine?s page one from the get-go.

Take the time to learn even the basics of SEO, and your new website will feel the benefit.

  • Good rankings take time to build, but a well-optimised holding page can give you a headstart for when your website is ready to launch. Ensure that the copy on your holding page is optimised for the keywords you want to rank for.
  • Remember, search engines give more authority to older sites so get your welcome message up as soon as possible. A ?Coming Soon? or ?Maintenance Mode? page keeps customers in the loop and lets Google start crawling your site in advance.
  • Social media is great for promotional purposes, but this is even more effective when you get others to do it for you. We live in the age of influencer marketing, and any support you can get from influencers that involves driving traffic to your page or adding links to your domain will be a massive boost, even in the pre-launch stage.
  • Use tools like it to identify content with a strong following in the arena you want to operate in. Reach out to the publishers to build relationships (although be warned ? this might involve a financial payment or some mutual back-scratching). A passing comment and a shared link have the potential to drive huge traffic to your new website.


Backlinks from good authority sites help boost your authority and improve your ranking, ready for the final site launch.

Grab your audience?s attention early on with social teasers

Humans are hardwired to be curious. Capitalise on this to create some valuable (and easy) exposure.

Getting your social media campaigns underway before your website launch lets you drip feed your message to a hungry audience. A teaser campaign will get them intrigued and whet your audience?s appetite for the final launch. Giveaways, backstage videos, and Twitter chats can all help build momentum for your new website and brand.

It?s all about creating anticipation and building suspense. If you can pique your audience’s interest with a teaser campaign, you?re in a much better position to generate more positive social media activity when you?re ready to launch.

The same logic applies if you?re updating an existing website ? make the most of all your website launches and overhauls, no matter how big or small.

Whatever your route, get your audience excited with intriguing posts about how your brand is undergoing some big changes, explaining that exciting things are on the way.

Create an editorial calendar and schedule a drip-fed teaser campaign with some enigmatic tweets featuring snippets of your new logo and design. This will build a sense of smouldering tension over a matter of weeks in the lead-up to your final launch.

Think of your website as a movie: carefully orchestrated teaser campaigns are launched months before films are due for release, sometimes up to a year in advance.

These campaigns provide the audience with intriguing tidbits that give a flavor of the film. When done right, films are launched to hungry and ready audiences. With a teaser campaign, your website can be launched to the same anticipation.

Testing your strategy lets you fine-tune it

Creating a buzz about your website before its launch gives you better scope for testing and fine-tuning the final product.

Driving traffic to your holding page on the run-up to your go-live date means you can see which designs are most effective.

Ask yourself some hard questions about your prototype website: does button positioning make a difference to the number of signups you get? What?s affecting the bounce rate? Which colours are most appealing?

Testing all of these variables will help you shape your branding and ongoing customer persona in the long run.

You can also use tags to learn where your visitors come from, and what they then do on your site. This will help you test which social platforms are most effective at driving traffic to your holding page. Use this data as a strategy for promoting your website post-launch.

Knowing where your visitors come from lets you to adjust your focus to get a better ROI on your social campaigns.

In a broader sense, the time before your launch also allows you to get a better feel for product market fit. The beauty is that if your brand isn?t getting the reaction you hoped for, there?s still time to pivot and adapt before you go live.

This means you can get it right first time and launch your website with a bang, rather than a whimper.

Conduct some insightful market research before you go live

Building hype during this pre-launch phase also gives you some time to conduct some valuable market research before your site goes live. This helps you position yourself with greater accuracy as the launch date draws near.

When you?re doing your pre-launch market research, it makes sense to check out the competition to see what they?re doing.

Quora, business marketplaces, and Reddit are some more unusual places to farm for niche and competitor info. These can provide you with a fresh perspective to help you identify something you might have missed. But while these sources can provide you with a unique angle on your website, tried-and-tested data channels shouldn?t be neglected.

Head to your competitors? websites and social profiles and conduct an in-depth review of their structure, content, and visible marketing strategies.

It?s even worth doing some mystery shopping, making a purchase to test your competitors? checkout processes and customer service. You?ll immediately notice elements that are less than perfect, which in turn can help you hone your own offering.

Get a headstart on customer acquisition and retention

Wouldn?t it be great to have an email marketing list of pre-qualified leads to reach out to ready for your website’s launch? Building hype beforehand can make this happen.

While social media is a great vehicle for catching a prospect’s attention, an engaging landing page and strong CTA is essential for capturing their details. This will allow you to create an email marketing list of potential customers who have already pre-registered an interest in your brand.

These customers are more likely to buy from you, recommend your business, and promote your content free of charge. These are the holy grail of customers. It?s in your best interests to snare of many of them as you can from the off.

A great thing about capturing leads at this early stage is involving people from the beginning ? they feel part of something.

If you make your customers a stakeholder in your success, they will keep visiting your website well into the future.

Launch hype plays an important role in the ongoing success of your website and should be considered with the same importance you?d apply to the design or build.

Many businesses get caught in the pursuit of perfection ? forever tinkering and testing letting pre-launch hype to take a backseat.

But remember: you could have spectacular content and design and on point UX, but if no one knows about your website, it?s not going to rank, it won?t get visitors, and it won?t see conversions.

There are over 1.8bn websites on the internet and the vast majority of those will get no, or very few visitors. Don?t let your website launch become an afterthought ? start making some noise and get noticed now.

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