5 Creative Web Design Tips To Boost Your Conversion Rate

What is Conversion Rate?

A Conversion Rate is the percentage of the visitors on your website that completes the goal of your site out of the overall total number of people who visit the website.

For example, a clothing brands conversion rate might be how often visitors make a purchase whereas a personal trainers website might be how many people enquire out of the number of people who visit the site.

Every company should desire to have a higher conversion rate for their site, as it is an indicator that you are doing the right type of marketing and also that your website design also is also effective.

Although there is not really a fixed benchmark for a reasonable conversion rate, you can always be taking steps to improve your own. Your conversion rate will vary depending on your industry and can also depend on the type of business model that your company has.

All digital marketing and website development companies will know that the Conversion Rate of a website is one of the most important KPI?s for any business.

We have put together 5 creative web design tips which could help you to boost your conversion rate on your website.

1) Big Bold Typography

Over the last few years, big and bold letters have been a big hit on websites, and we wouldn?t be surprised if this trend was to continue for another few years.

Typography is regarded as one of the most powerful ways to boost your brand and therefore, using big bold typography on your site can help you to catch the eye and hopefully, in turn, help your website conversions.

The main and obvious reason for that is simply that they are easy to read and understand for any visitor on your site and can help to grab their attention.

2) Optimising The Speed Of The Website

Over the past 15 years, people have become more and more impatient with almost every aspect of lie and this is no different from when people are surfing the web. Visitors want a quick solution to any problem that they are faced with.

According to numerous reports, each second that people have to spend waiting for your website to load is reducing your conversion rate and also increasing your bounce rate.

This means that when it comes to improving the speed of your website, every second is important and therefore worth putting time and money into.

Here are some of the free tools which can help you to know your page speed and troubleshoot the issues related to that:

Google PageSpeed Insights

To review your website design and performance get in touch today – liam@breezedevelopment.co.uk and we will give you a free website review and actionable tips to improve your site today!

3) Utilise The Negative Space

The whitespace in your website design which contains no elements is known as ?Negative Space? in website design terms.

Although the name suggests otherwise ?Negative Space?, is a positive move to make and method to use. You can use this spacing for something which attracts and engages the users normally as a call to action.

A CTA (Call-To-Action) on your website is there to try to make the visitor engage with your site and therefore business which is normally your desired result such as inquiry, sign up form booking, etc.

However, as a word of warning, it is also important to leave some clear spacing in your website to keep it clean, modern and attractive.

4) Video Landing Page

A landing page is a standalone web page specifically designed to market your products or services effectively.

What we are starting to find more and more effective on landing pages is a video, especially at the top of the page. Let’s face it, it looks good, shows the visitor what they need to see and can tell the story.

But maybe most importantly it improves the conversion rate of the page.

The main reason for this is that when a visitor watches your video, he/she/they can become emotionally attached to the video, which creates an opportunity for conversion and makes you more memorable.

For example, a video for a clothing brand can help make the brand look cool and fashionable, for example, this video from Jameson Carter on their Instagram. The video really helps to make the brand look fresh and makes you subconsciously think about wearing them clothes while on holiday yourself

5)? Remember To K.I.S.S

You have likely heard of K.I.S.S. before, it is an acronym for ?Keep It Simple, Stupid.?

Simplicity is a really important factor in increasing the number of conversions that your website gets and therefore, it is vital that your web design is simple and sound.

You should be reviewing your site regularly and asking yourself how the site could be more simple for a visitor, the easier you make it to for a visitor to complete your desired action then the better conversion rate you will have.

Even better to test it, ask someone in your family who is older and doesn?t really use the internet much and see if they are able to do it.

A more simple web design also helps the user to move around the site more easily, which creates a great user experience, which is vital for anyone hoping for results through their website.

As a rule of thumb, you have?just 8 seconds to grab the attention of your website visitors, therefore you have a small window of opportunity to convey your message to the user and show that you can offer help to their issue or emotionally attach them enough to stay for longer

Here are some of the ways to grab the attention of the user in 8-seconds:
Make the signup buttons large and clear.

Use a large and catchy headline which benefits the user.
Give attention to every piece of content written on the site.
Incorporate multimedia like audio, video and infographics.

Use attractive images which divert the user towards your main CTA.
Use animated exit pop-ups.

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