3 Great Marketing Ideas for Salons

As a salon or spa that are looking to attract new clients then your website is your best marketing tool according to a report by the Economist Intelligence Unit and Lyris.

The report found that when people are searching for new products or services then your company website is where the majority will go to (51%) although when it comes to searching for offers and discounts 62% of your consumers like to use social media.

One of the most interesting points found in the report was that age in not really relevant with almost half of the younger consumers surveyed (aged 20-30) claiming they would use the company?s website compared to a mere 5% who preferred social media sites.

Website Design is Important

It?s clear from this report that your salon website is the central HUB of your business marketing to your prospects and customers. So treat it with love and respect if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

It?s very clich? but very true ? first impressions count. Take a look at your website right now – look as though you are a potential new customer. What strikes you? What isn’t good enough?

Here are 3 marketing ideas for your salon:

An Attractive Site Sells

The role of your business is making people ?look and feel fabulous?. So it is important that your salon website looks fabulous too.

Does it look great now? Or does your website make visitors hit the ?back-button? to return to their Google search, and then over to your competitors site.

Consider not just the layout and imagery of your website but also your text, spelling, everything – this is quite often the first impression that people have of your business. Do you want them to think you don’t really care about how you look?

You have only a few seconds to catch visitors attention.

Easy to Navigate

Also in the survey it stated that 77% of consumers often spend time on companies websites to compare features and prices.

Pricing and service pages of website are one of the most visited pages on the majority of websites, especially salons. Make it as simplistic as possible for your visitors to see your services and prices.

Another tip is to avoid using technical jargon that your clients may not know so for example if you run a hairdressing salon, your website visitors might not know what a T-section is.

Marketing Promotions

As we said earlier, social media is where many people will visit looking for any offers, this is still something that you can use on your website to guarantee repeat visits to the site (Which your business and Google will love).

You should also have calls to action on your website. Something like ?call now, book an appointment, join us on?.

These should be throughout your website, not just on your Home Page, this encourages visitors to take action, explore your site and learn more about your services.

One final but very important point ? go back to basics. Is your phone number displayed and easy to find? Your address? Email?

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