3 Easy Tricks to Keep Websites Up-to-Date

3 Easy Tricks to Keep Websites Up-to-Date

1. Make a date.

You and/or your web team should set an appointment to review the site monthly or quarterly.

Use quarterly reviews to think longer-term: take a few minutes to see what your competitors are doing online that you should work into your upcoming plans.

2. Make it simple!

Get rid of bells and whistles that slow your site – and your customers – down. And don’t give yourself tasks you can’t finish. If you find you can’t keep up with your blog, get rid of it.

3. Think online when you think big picture.

The solution here is expanding your approach. Whenever you sketch out plans for big changes, clue in your online team so they can keep pace and be prepared. Information on new locations, services and products are often overlooked but are a basic part of marketing. Thinking on the front-end can save you massive headaches, lost time and lost sales on the back-end.