3 Easy Tricks to Keep Websites Up-to-Date

Obviously keeping your website up to date is really important, we always like to say ?A Website is Never Finished? and it?s true, it needs regular updates not just to keep it looking good but new technology, features and sometimes even laws such as the EU Cookie Policy.

So after having had a number of people come to us recently or ask us questions about updating their website, whether it is how often they need to update their website or how to do it.

As I hope you are aware of, you can?t just get a website in 2020 and expect it to be perfectly fine to fulfill your needs in 2022, websites need updating, they need monitoring and maintenance is a part of the process that you can not escape.

The frequency that your website needs to be updated varies from industry to industry and company to company, but it does need to happen.

Here are 3 Easy Tricks to Keep Websites Up-to-Date:

1. Make a date

Make a date

You and/or your web team should set an appointment to review the site monthly or quarterly.

At the very minimum, it should be yearly if you are just using the website as a basic brochure website but even then it would be silly not to do security updates and backups if you are using a CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress or Drupal.

You should use your quarterly reviews to think longer-term: take a few time to see what your competitors are doing online that you should work into your upcoming plans.

Also from that have a think about what are they not doing, where are they missing an opportunity?

2. Make it simple!

Make it simple

One thing you should be looking at regularly is your website speed and how simple your website is for your customers, especially in 2020.

So have a look at your website, get rid of bells and whistles that slow your site ? and your customers ? down. And don?t give yourself tasks you can?t finish. If you find you can?t keep up with your blog, get rid of it.

Nothing looks worse than a blog with a last updated post of 2016, you will leave the client wondering if you have gone out of business or if you even care about your website and company. So don?t bite off more than you can chew as the old saying goes.

3. Think online when you think big picture.

The solution here is expanding your approach.

If you are going to have a website and spend time marketing your business, then it is worth doing right.

Any long term plan involves a big fat goal with the big picture in mind.

So when you are in talks with your web design company and planning your updates for the website, don?t just think about the next day, week, or month.

You need to be considering what is best for the long term future of your company.

This might be moving to a better server, a better content management system, re-designing your full website, or creating some fantastic content such as a video.

If you need help or advice on updating your website, let us know and we will be happy to advise you or help you out. Is there anything you would like us to write about in the future, can we help you with your website or digital marketing? Get in touch today liam@breezedevelopment.co.uk.

Why Choose Breeze Development?

Why Choose Breeze Development?

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