14 Quick Tips To Get The Most From Your Landing Page

14 Quick Tips To Get The Most From Your Landing Page

1) Have a goal for what you want the visitor to do – buy, subscribe, etc

2) Don’t send people to your homepage – Have a specific page for your targeted advert.

3) Clear, to the point headline – This should match your advert

4) Know your customer – Who they are, What will bring them to your site, what matters to them, how much are they willing to spend, how much info will they give.

5) Focus on 1 product or message – Its a targeted landing page, not a back-up product/service page.

6) Has to load in 5 seconds or less – They wont have the patience to wait and will leave.

7) Call to action above the fold – Many visitors will not scroll and need to be engaged straight away.

8) Keep your most important information central to the visitors eye – Don’t hide important information in the sidebar.

9) Use big, bold and colourful text for key points – To make the page as clear and easy as possible.

10) Call to action has to be obvious – Again to get the best results and make it as easy as possible for the visitor.

11) Remove the navigation bar – A landing page is designed to target one product / service.

12) Provide a phone number – Be easily contactable and ready to answer any questions.

13) Use directional cues to draw attention to lead generation form – Again you have a set goal that you are trying to achieve, make this as likely to happen as possible.

14) Make it clear they can opt out later – Remove any fear or suspicions that a user may have.

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