14 Blog Marketing Tips

Tip #1 – Base Every Blog Post On Keyword Research

Having blog posts that can generate traffic long term from search engines is one of the best ways to earn long term interest.

Tip #2 – Create An Editorial Calendar

Having fresh content on a weekly / monthly basis that fits together in an organised fashion.

Tip #3 – Lead Magnets

Making sure you have some way to generate emails from your blog is very important, it’s how you retain traffic the easiest.

Tip #4 – Link Magnetism

One major factor Google takes into consideration when ranking your blog is backlinks? And they can be very expensive. There are several ways you can become a “link magnet” to attract links to your site naturally and for free.

Tip #5 – Optimise Your Category Pages

Another way to attract links and visitors is to optimise your blog category pages with unique content and keyword research.

Tip #6 – Use Topical SEO To Power-Up Specific Content Pieces

Want to go into a new topic or expand into become a true authority on a subject? Use topical SEO to start dominating entire topics & industries content in search engines.

Tip #7 – Review & Update Old Content

You’ll often find that a piece you wrote 2 years prior has since been expanded on substantially by a competitor. Updating old posts can often trigger the “freshness” algorithm in Google and revives old content.

Tip #8 – Turn Content Into Quotes & ?Easy? Shares On Social Media

Strip down blog posts into digestible quotes which can be scheduled over time.

Tip #9 – Ask Influencers For Quotes In Your Content

One of the easiest ways to get large authorities in your niche to share your content is to email or DM them for quotes to feature in your upcoming pieces.

Tip #10 – Re-Post Content On LinkedIn & Medium

The engagement levels from these platforms can easily help you organically grow on them which helps your future shares.

Tip #11 – Turn Blog Posts Into Videos

If you have a blog post that is generating good traffic, then you can look to double the chances of generating free traffic by trying to rank in YouTube’s search features too.

Tip #12 – CrowdSource Content Ideas

Who better to ask for new ideas on content than what your own readers would like to see?

Tip #13 – Use Content Curation Sites

There’s a surprising amount of free traffic, backlinks and signals that can be made from making sure your content is submitted across a number of relevant curation sites or platforms.

Tip #14 – Make A Specific Newsletter Signup Page

You’d be surprised how many people start searching your or your blogs name to try and find your newsletter or a way to be continually updated from outside your blog.

Why Choose Breeze Development?

Why Choose Breeze Development?

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