11 eCommerce Trends That Will Drive Sales in 2019

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eCommerce is changing, year on yearmobile conversions are continuing to rise, in 2018 mobile seen a sales increase of 55 percent in 2018.

At the same time visitors expectations are also growing at the same pace, a recent study shown that 38% of online shoppers expect high street companies to offer same-day delivery.

Other trends which are coming into play are more related to user experience and design, which is constantly pushing the industry forward.

Progressive web applications are one example of advanced technologies whichimprove the speed and features of a mobile app to a mobile website, this alsoallows shopping platforms to be easily accessible offline.

We have taken a look at 11 eCommerce Trends That Will Drive Sales in 2019

  1. Increased conversations with customers
Increased conversations with customers

In 2019 I expect that we will see an increase in integrated opportunities to have conversations with website visitors and our customers.

The website / buying experience that a visitor has its own ecosystem, it is what they feel and experience before they purchase from you, after they purchase from you, and everything in between.

From the very top of this funnel, you should be considering where you can start a conversation with your prospective clients.

From then you can tailor the remainder of the buying experience for them. Even with your existing customers it is about offering them the opportunity to engage with us to collect crucial feedback to improve future experiences.

I hope and expect to see selling online become more personal and human-like. Here people will focus on the long term relationship over a quick sale.

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots are still relatively new to the market, however as customers like to havequick and accurate answers to their questions, I would expect the amount of chatbots to increase.

The main reason for this is that business owners are not always available to instantly manage the rate of messages coming in.

So with chatbots becoming smarter we expect to see chatbots on the rise online.

  1. Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality

It?s quite possible that 2019 will be the year that augmented reality explodes in popularity.

There are more tools now available online now such as Shopify AR it is become more easy to integrate augmented reality into your eCommerce sites.

For customers augmented reality means having an improved experience, this allows customers to test products in their homes ortry on clothing.

For sellers this can lead toincreased conversion rates and a reduced amount of returns.

Moving forward being able to actually see what you are looking to buy without having to leavethe home is going to be a real gamer changer.

  1. Video

Across the online world, consumers are spending more time watching video content, I don?t think that that trend is something that we will see die down anytime soon.

Video makes your products look more personal, engages the customer better and creates more of a story.

You can go more in depth than just the odd-promotional video, I would also recommend videos to show your products on the product page to aim to drive more conversions.

  1. Voice search
Voice search

We have recently published another article about voice search but this is growing in importance year on year with over 20% of search queries are made through voice searches now, with many people predicting that this could be as high as 50% by 2020.

To improve your voice searches we would recommend targeting long-tail keywords.

  1. Web payments
Web payments

Another trend whichI think maydecentralise and therefore fundamentally changing the shape of eCommerce and that is to simplify the online payment process.

Users don?t like filling out forms, especially on their mobiles and it doesn’t make sense for visitors who buy different products across the internet to continually provide the same information multiple times.

Using Web Payments will allow for visitors to checkout with previously saved data such as address information and card details.

This means users can bypass traditional checkout methods and should increase conversion rates.

  1. Flexible payment options

Carrying on from web payments, there has also previously been a lack of options for flexible payment options which has been a hurdle for some eCommerce retailers.

In 2019 I am expecting to see more flexible payment options coming in to play. You have new systems such as Klarna coming into play in which you can have more control for how you pay for items as simple as T-Shirts.

By allowing customers to defer payment retailers remove a friction pointswhen purchasing.

  1. Multi: currency, language, and channel
Multi: currency, language, and channel

The world gets smaller each year thanks to new technology and in 2019 having a multinational approach and customer base is again looking more likely.

Systems such as Shopify offers merchants familiar payment options in different currencies, rather than being stuck with the retailers? local currency and then getting charged with conversion rate fees by your bank.

Multi-language stores can allow shoppers to view your website in their own language.

If you can setup your store to have a combination of multi-language and currency then you will make buying become a breeze.

If you are planning to take your business worldwide then it is time to plan globally, you should be thinking about having ?multi? right at your core.

  1. Subscriptions

Subscriptions and bundling products is set to become an even larger trend in 2019

There has been an increase in demand for subscription services and products over the past few years due to either their simplicity or quality and it is getting easier for smaller retailers to offer high level convenience subscriptions as a large corporation.

  1. Direct to Consumer

Direct-to-consumer brands are taking over and it doesn?t seem to be slowing down.

We are expecting to seeevenmore new D2C brands come out over the next few months, mainly in industries which haven?t yet hadas much disruption.

The best part is that is isn?tonly start-ups looking at this route, the big players are also launching D2C brands to get in on the action.

  1.  Faster & leaner eCommerce systems
Faster & leaner eCommerce systems

Fast growing eCommerce companies are looking for greater control & better efficiency. Systems are constantly being improved and developed to make business management for

With tools available such as?Shopify Flow?and?Launchpad?to help with automation, the eCommerce world is increasingly becoming better optimized to grow faster than before.

User Experience & Convenience

User Experience & Convenience

All of the above trends have one major thing in common?. they are all about making the users shopping experience better, faster and easier for visitors.

Website visitors have high expectations (and these are growing year on year) and a lack of patience.

Users are looking for an experience which is better customised to their wants, they want to get, to try and to buy the product as easily as possible.

So the final tip is to keep customers convenience and experience in mind at all times during development.

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Why Choose Breeze Development?

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