10 Essential App Features Every Business App Should Have

Since customers use their phones even more than computers these days, it’s no wonder you’re considering creating an app for your business.

Smartphones are likely to be where your target customers shop, make online bookings and reservations, and generally spend most of their screen time.

However, if you want to build an app that enhances your mobile app growth strategy – rather than become a sunk cost – there are a couple of things to keep in mind.

Here are the 10 essential app features you must have for your business app to succeed.

1. Clear purpose

Apps can add a ton of value to your business, but you need to ask yourself: why does my business need a mobile app? What extra value can an app provide that my website doesn’t already?

This value will give users incentive to download and use your app – and continue to use it – since it’s a part of your brand experience they can’t get anywhere else.

This could be an easy, intuitive online shopping experience, a tool to enhance customers’ experience with your products, or a rapid, seamless booking experience.

Once you decide on the purpose of your app, you can make sure that each design element – and supporting function – is aligned towards this purpose. This makes for a higher quality app experience.

UK web design and app development agency Breeze Development can help you find value and a clear purpose for your app that will kickstart your mobile app growth strategy.

2. User-friendly intuitive UI

It should be easy to navigate your app and easily get around from page to page. Your customers should be able to quickly find what they’re looking for and always be just one click away from the home screen.

Using your business’ app should be a frictionless experience for your customers. If they like using your app – and find it simple to navigate – they’ll come back to use it again and again and your mobile app growth strategy will succeed.

3. Welcome tutorials

If a new user is visiting your app for the first time, welcome screens are essential app features you can use to positively kickstart your customers’ experience in-app.

It’s also a good idea to go beyond this and include some welcome tutorials that show how the app works, demonstrate its features, and how to navigate.

Being able to use your app easily – because they’ve been shown how – will improve your customers’ experience with your app. However, make sure to provide a clear way to ‘opt out’ for customers who’d rather explore your app on their own.

4. Branded professional design

Your business app can be a significant tool for developing brand recognition and loyalty – if it’s designed properly.

Your branding should be seamlessly integrated into the design of your app, from the fonts and colours to the inclusion of your logo. This will help to reinforce your brand in customers’ mind as they use your app or even just glance at their home screen.

Your app should look professional and be well-designed to build customer trust in your brand. The better your app looks, the more your customers will trust in the quality of your products or services.

5. Offline functionality

Being able to use an app without being connected to Wi-Fi is a significant benefit for your mobile app growth strategy. Internet can be spotty – or simply non-existent – on some transport, in rural areas, and at many other times.

However, if your business app caches a significant amount of data, your customers can still use many of the app’s features offline. This can reduce customer journey interruptions and cart abandonment.

6. Search

Too many apps don’t include a search function – yet search bars are essential app features.

You might think the design of your app is so flawless that anyone can find what they want without needing to search. However, this assumes that everyone has the same level of tech know-how.

So, it’s important to include a search function so app users can quickly find what they want, without struggling with your navigation features.

7. Personalised experience

To increase customer satisfaction with your app, offer a personalised app experience.

With your app, you have the unique opportunity to learn about your customers as you can track user data. You can monitor how your customers use your app, and track the kind of content, products, and services they’re interested in.

With these customer insights, you can boost your mobile app growth strategy.

You can personalise your customers’ experience on the app by showing them the things most relevant to them, including product recommendations.

Not only does this make the experience better for your customers – encouraging them to come back to your app again and again – but it boosts sales for your business.

8. Targeted push notifications

Because you’re able to track how customers use your app, you can also target them with relevant push notifications.

You can program an app to send push notifications to your customers in all kinds of circumstances. For example, when your business is running a promotion for something your customer is interested in, or to remind them of carts they’ve abandoned.

Not only does this boost businesses’ sales in the short term, but the occasional push notification will reinforce brand recognition. It also reminds your customers to check out your app again if it’s slipped their mind.

9. Way to get in touch

An app is one of the most powerful tools for facilitating communication between brands and customers – since phones are where people do most of their communicating.

Your app can provide a quick, easy channel for customers to get in touch with your business.

This makes stellar communication tools – like a live chat, help desk, enquiry form and/or feedback system – essential app features.

10. High speed/responsiveness

If your customers spend half their time on your app waiting for different pages to load, you can bet that they’ll stop using your app soon.

If your customers find your app frustrating to use, they’ll quickly look for an alternative. This makes speed and responsiveness among the most essential app features to avoid losing your customers to competitors with better-designed apps.

To develop a successful mobile app growth strategy, work with a UK app development agency like Breeze Development to provide value to your customers and grow your business with a stellar app.